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  3. Anyone else feel like the SJW Tracer butt complaint was a very successful troll?

User Info: ForteEXE3850

5 years ago#1
I have a hard time believing a very concerned parent wandered into the Blizzard forums and made such a very specific "won't somebody think of the children" complaint about specifically Tracer, or that anybodies daughter is obsessed with Tracer as a character or would watch an Overwatch Trailer repeatedly.

User Info: GGDude00

5 years ago#2
Troll or not, I'm just hating on the dude named Fipps who started all of this annoying/complaining bulls***. It's been a day and I'm already tired of hearing people rage about the vocal minority stuff.

I mean, I get that people are pissed off because of how Blizzard "caved in", therefore people decide to not get the game or just want this game to f***ing die or something. But, honestly, my hate is directed towards Fipps considering his bad parenting skills and also his unreasonable means of complaining about Tracer.

In short, I can't even...

User Info: OmegaSol

5 years ago#3
They said they would change it. I'd laugh if they changed it by making her even sexier or something.

I know it'll never happen; but this is BS. Not so much in the fact they are changing one pose. But in the future they are going to consider this sort of thing.

And I'm sorry man I likes my Sexy video game ladies and unashamed to say so.
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User Info: GGDude00

5 years ago#4
I'm just hoping that this whole BS is gonna die down, in all honesty.

User Info: OwlRammer

5 years ago#5
isn't it rated T? I think the complaining should have went to the guy who started it (as in he should complain about himself) and how he can't parent if he is letting his lil daughter play a game meant for teens and older lmao, there's a reason why these exist... it's like when they complain about their kid playing GTA, nope better ignore the fact it has rated M on it and just complain that it's so violent in the first place!
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User Info: Hagan

5 years ago#6
Dude it is most definitely the most successful troll post of the year. People only make posts like that to stir the pot. He must be so proud of himself

Guaranteed that guy does not have any kids
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User Info: Joker_X_II

5 years ago#7
Troll or not, it's just sad that Blizzard caved to one single "SJW" complaint.
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User Info: sneakysnake

5 years ago#8
A petition I'm fully behind on:


I do like to see the world burn.

User Info: PostCrisisJ2

5 years ago#9
Okay that's actually kinda funny. The fact that as of this typing it's about to reach its goal is even moreso.
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User Info: Taaron

5 years ago#10
Although I find petitions to be a waste of time, can say that is pretty funny.

Blizzard should counter with this by replacing all the guns with walkie talkies on April 1st.
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  3. Anyone else feel like the SJW Tracer butt complaint was a very successful troll?
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