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User Info: Elsewhat

5 months ago#1
I know there's no other Zelda games that are quite like this (I own all of them and played through most), but are there any kinds of other games of any series like this?
Either ones with the sense of dread or impending doom, or the aesthetic (vibrant and deep colors, strange designs, dark, slightly unsettling). Preferably both but I know we can't have everything.

User Info: Mikk

5 months ago#2
Radiant Historia!

The world is rapidly turning into a desert, and you have to travel around through time in order to stop it. This involves hoping around and revisiting moments in order to solve problems, going between two parallel time lines. It's the exact same as Majora's Mask in that you only revisit previous events, not travel through time into the past and future.

Aesthetically, the original game on DS had pretty much the exact same character portrait artstyle as Majora's Mask with its heavy shadows. However the 3DS remake went with a much more basic, soft anime style. Other than those character artworks, there's not a whole lot to look at aesthetically, as it is a DS game after all. The sprites are alright but certainly not what you would call beautiful. But really the character portraits are the focus and highlight of the game, it's what you spend most time looking at.

The 3DS remake lets you buy the original art as dlc, but it clashes horribly with the new additions and is overall poorly implemented. And as for the new additions, they do nothing but damage the original style and tone of the game, and ruin the ending sequence.

But if your only option is the 3DS remake, I still would highly recommend it, especially if you're mostly interested in the "end of the world" feeling and time travel. There are some nice changes anyway that make the gameplay more enjoyable, such as menu and UI improvements, and with the combat system.

User Info: LonelyGoomba

5 months ago#3
Pikmin 1
Retro reviews at

User Info: Thesetoys5

5 months ago#4
I think the Kefai story is one of the most interesting things about the game, it's cool that you can go back and put the letter in a different mailbox after you've finished it the first time if you want to.
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