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User Info: Eab1990

6 years ago#1
Ran out of room. - Results (2777 votes)
6.95% (193 votes)
12.39% (344 votes)
15.02% (417 votes)
9.22% (256 votes)
17.43% (484 votes)
2.16% (60 votes)
13.22% (367 votes)
4.5% (125 votes)
10.95% (304 votes)
One of the other secret characters
8.17% (227 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Let's see how good/bad everyone's taste is. Even if, by playing this game, your taste is probably already lol. Guilty pleasure indeed.
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User Info: TheFuzz3451

6 years ago#2
Jessie by miles
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User Info: MwarriorHiei

6 years ago#3
im not the only one that likes kyanna, am i?

User Info: Eab1990

6 years ago#4
^ Apparently.

Interesting results so far.

The devs reported that Nikki was the most popular, but Beli is taking the lead at the moment.

Kyu, Audrey, and Tiffany have their fair share of fans. A lot of people seem to like Kyu's voice too.

I haven't seen much talk of Aiko, so it's a bit surprising that she's third so far.

Curious as to which secret character people are interested in.
OT's Resident Pink-Hair, Imouto, Gal-Monster Lover
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User Info: McDohl MR

McDohl MR
6 years ago#5
Tiffany is mai waifu.

Kyu's great, though. I like her a lot, too.
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User Info: Eab1990

6 years ago#6
Who doesn't love friends with benefits?

Also blah blah lewd pink hair fairy fetish. The only thing that would make Kyu better is if she were an imouto.
OT's Resident Pink-Hair, Imouto, Gal-Monster Lover
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User Info: TheFuzz3451

6 years ago#7
This is like bizzaro world.

My two favorite girls are getting no love, and my least favorite is the most popular
You're only as sick as your secrets, but the truth shall set you free.
The truth is the truth, so all you can do is live with it.

User Info: MhkaCHemistry

6 years ago#8
Hot Asian teacher is basically my #1 dream. I liked Aiko's design immediately.

I saw Nikki's design and I thought she was going to be one of my top favorites but she's just so goddamn boring and semi-b****y. Like, I have Audrey ahead of her right now because at least she's funny. She just feels like she's trying to cash in too much on the shut in crowd to be interesting. Also, she literally uses "FPS bros" and sounds too much like she posts on GFAQs.

Beli just doesn't interest me but I have her at middle of the pack. She's not bad, not great personally.

Kyu would be my #2 if I didn't like the girl next door thing Tiffany has going on.

Kyanna is in last for me just simply because I really don't think of "single mom" as dating sim territory. It's probably insanely wrong of me to write her off for the bottom like that but she's just uninteresting to me because so many of her dialogue options lead back to "Hey, I'm a mom and i have a small kid." I get that single moms are a demographic that exists in the real world and all..... But it just feels wrong to me here.

I have Jessie as top half and Lola as bottom half. I really don't know why Jessie is top half when I ranked Kyanna so low for having a kid. Probably the MILF cougar deal she has going on.

And I haven't found any of the secret characters yet because I didn't play long enough to figure anything special out. There's probably a list I could find if I devoted time to that. I know about the cat girl but that's about it.
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User Info: Kaitouace

6 years ago#9
Glad to see my top two are tied for first in the poll. ^_^

Random comments:

Kyu - Like her because she's basically hilarious but not in an awful way (like Audrey). Loses some points because her outfits leave little to the imagination to begin with. Still one of the funniest characters in the game. I wish there was more dialogue of her talking about the other characters as some of her comments at the beginning of the game were fantastic.

Tiffany - Eh. Pretty much as vanilla as vanilla can get. Typical schoolgirl although kind of confusing as she's the diligent studious type yet is still a cheerleader and kind of shallow in some of her conversations.

Aiko - I don't get a huge Asian vibe from her but she's still one of the top characters due to good looks (all of her outfits and most of her hairstyles look great) and funny conversations. Also one of the better (best?) voiced characters in the game in all aspects. Whenever I end up having to do the night minigame while grinding for cash I tend to pick Aiko since she's one of the least offensive sounding characters. Not into all of her kinks and was never much of a garter/stocking person but she's still tied for first.

Kyanna - Another bland character. Nothing really wrong with her but the only thing she really has going for her is the whole single mom thing and the game doesn't actually get visual novel enough to actually have that mean anything so you're just left with a chipper Latina that likes to work out. Also her night outfit (the animal print) is awful and kinda grossly cliche even for this game.

Audrey - Audrey is Audrey. Funny for all the wrong reasons. I cleared her first just so I didn't have to deal with her much later. At least when you talk to her all her questions are easy to remember for some reason.

Lola - Man that hair. Just about every other hairstyle is better than the default. Nothing wrong with afro curls but it looks like a wig on her head. Totally distracting. She's kinda hard to care about overall because she tends to be out of town a lot due to her job. So I just try to unlock all her stuff and leave her alone because it's a hassle trying to catch up with her when you want. Personality is kinda boring too. In that Kyanna way.

Nikki - Like the rest of the internet I was ready to call her my favorite before playing the game and while I don't hate her, she'd definitely a bummer with the crippling lack of confidence that manifests itself as being rude to everyone. Didn't like her opening scene ditching her job and it's annoying that it seems like she's judging you every time she asks you a question. Still visually appealing in that Sailor Mercury way. I can't help but laugh at her because I actually know a girl a LOT like Nikki in personality (even down to the same general hobbies and dislike of large crowds/people) but that person is a lesbian so yeah. Don't know if it was on purpose but I appreciate how "awkward" she sounds during the night minigame.

Jessie - Blah. I don't mind the cougar thing but the cougar thing combined with the sugar daddy thing? Ew. I wish the game were more visual novel like if only to get more than a few passing comments about the "mystery" kid she has. Frankly I thought the game was a shoe-in for SOME kind of secret scenario with those two but nada. Also I can't stand Jessie's way of talking as it's too slow and drawn out which takes forever when you're just playing the game. She was the second person I cleared the game with after Audrey just to get her out of the way.
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User Info: Kaitouace

6 years ago#10
Beli - The surprise winner. I expected to totally ignore her but she turned out to be one of my faves. Probably because he's actually more "adult-like" than most of the characters in the game (obviously) and even her comments on spirituality weren't heavy handed or anything (she actually balks when you suggest spirituality too strongly). She's supposed to be the insecure one but comes off way more secure than say, Nikki does. Also has a great visual style with many of her outfits that don't come off as too cliche. She also gets bonus points for not being "baby smooth" which came as a surprise to me and she got even more bonus points when later on the character actually shyly asked you if you didn't like girls who weren't all "clean". Also has the best swimsuit in the game IMO and the best "racy" picture (3rd date pic). It actually felt like something a woman would send along with the appropriate embarrassed text and begging you not to show it to anyone else.

Haven't gotten into the hidden characters much yet so no comments on them.
"Why do you think they call me Shiro Kabocha?"
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