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User Info: Taishi Ci CCR

Taishi Ci CCR
6 years ago#1
Fantastic game! I was only missing one Trophy (Learn all Skills) and I kinda got "burned out" on it and quit playing to play other games. I was really dreading getting all those ****ing Tokens...

Anyway, I came back to finish up the last Swiftness Insignias that I needed then cracked my knuckles and dove into Token gathering. HUGE TOKEN TIP: If you have enough Skill Points to get the "Omniscience" Perk in the Predator tree, it allows you to see enemies AND Tokens through walls (while using Amber Vision). This never attracted me at first because I thought it just showed through one wall (kinda like the 'Dark Vision' of Dishonered), but it actually shows enemies and Token through the entire level. This allows you to "Zero in" on Tokens. You're welcome!

Anyway, I could have been in the top 0.1% when I first played Styx, but now the Platinum is at 0.2%, which is still pretty awesome. I have another top 0.1% Platinum (Dragon Ball Xenoverse), so I'm okay.

I challenge other Styx players to get the Platinum. It's my personal favorite (and hardest earned) Platinum.

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User Info: DCdemonic1

6 years ago#2
Congrats. I'll probably get the plat. I don't go out of my way to plat a game if there's stupid BS trophies but I like to complete a game. Finding tokens and getting the 4 insignias is something I'd work on accomplishing anyway and I believe I got most of the other trophies simply from playing the game.
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