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User Info: Infernohound

1 year ago#1
So, you know that once you reach the Roaring Valley you think you’re making seemingly decent progress. Then you actually go there and you see a nice little scene about the Archwings. The single most annoying thing about the entire place. (As well as the Valley Ruins)
Doing some extensive research(also known as losing and running until I decided to figure it out after completing both Valley areas) I can tell you Archwings are no particular threat with the Singing Shard for Air.
I just had my Owen use the singing shard once to get the wind element on my side, then just basically let him clobber the thing with Elven Shot while my Garnet used Ricochet and my Eloise did basically whatever until someone needed to be healed. But with the low damage the Archwing did(even with his attack that hits the entire party, which averaged at best ~30), there wasn’t much need.
At about ~5000 health(after adding up all the damage done to it), it took 32 turns with just Owen doing his thing.

So yeah. Just grab you a air contract and go to town with Elven Shot while using your tank’s Ricochet and your other to heal when needed.
Archwings are just high health pushovers when you get it down
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User Info: NessEggman

1 year ago#2
Yup, in playthroughs now, I rush through everywhere just to grab the shards first so I have access to most of the charms before even having to fight a single enemy. Poison the Archwings to make the battle go much faster, since the poison damage is huge thanks to their massive max HP.

They're also pretty good for awakening new arts early in the game since while you're whittling away at their HP you can get in lots of actions.
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User Info: genestealer

1 year ago#3
Archwings are only really a threat when you first enter Roaring Valley and characters still have low HP. At that point they can wear the party out pretty quickly with two actions per turn, which go before anyone else gets their turn. Ricochet and Fancy Footwork can take off a lot of pressure, but fighting Archwings is probably the best option to get those arts to begin with. Having a water contract for passive recovery can also help, but then you have to make sure Water Shield is always up since characters will take more physical damage when the field is not air dominant.
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