Ys dlc armor

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User Info: sonic1714

8 months ago#1
Did the preorder come with the code for the adol exclusive dlc? if so does anyone have any unused codes for it? if so PM me will make an offer

User Info: bluewolf51313

7 months ago#2
The armor was free for at least a few weeks after release of the game
I bought it on day one and it doesn't come with a code. If you didn't download the free dlc during that time period, then I'm thinking your s*** out of luck.

It's nothing huge anyways, I mean it doesn't take anything away from the game.
Just to be sure we are talking about the same thing, adol's red armor? If so, im pretty sure it was a timed free dlc for like a month. Almost like digital preorder bonus, but for first month. Several other games have done this as well.
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