Mission for farming abandoned god arcs?

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User Info: MelanyKoura

1 year ago#1
Just wondering what the go to mission in this game is for doing that. I know there was one in GER that was just a few elemental ogretails and a few cocoon maidens (or at least that's the one I used), but what's the mission to shoot for in this game? If there is one, that is.

User Info: minarie

1 year ago#2
There are several here like Shadow of Babel. Usually something solo that can be killed easily with guns. You repeat that mission until a Special Mission pops up which have a higher chance to drop rare quadruple arcs.

Combine it with the 7 arcs trick (Similar in GER) and resetting everytime you dont get good arcs should give you your first end game build in 2-3 hours if your lucky.

If you search in the GE2RB PS4 boards "useful links", there is a post that links you to a list of special missions and what arcs they drop.
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