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itachi00 2 months ago#1
so im at postgame and farming statistician innocent to 900 but it seems to be soo slow.
how do you speed up breeding?
how do you speed up upgrading the squad?
what should i be doing next after i have lvl 900 statistician?

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KarmaDingo 2 months ago#2
I'd recommend not relying on breeding, but rather subduing them. Make sure to be in the Innocent Route, and to have someone in the Hunter squad kill them for maximum benefits (squad needs to be maxed out). By doing that you might end up with a dupe room (you're guaranteed a mystery room every floor if you have 4 people out with the Explorer Evility from the Pirate class), which would allow you to get your Statistician (and any other innocent you have in the item) maxed out faster, and you can get a lot of prisoners from the Item World (which can then be used to improve your squads after full interrogation) if you use squad attacks with someone who has the megaphone equipped.

After that, I imagine unlocking the Carnage dimension would be the next step, then maxing subclasses.
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r0xm2n 2 months ago#3
Here's how I innocent breed....

+ Purchase a low rank item. Go through 10 floors (no need to kill anything, and it keeps the item level low anyways). At the innocent town, switch it to the Innocent Route. Hold onto this item as you'll use it to sub innocents from now on.
+ When the innocent farm produces offspring, move them onto the item, and sub them. Best to fill out the Hunter Squad, and use members from that squad to sub the innocent. If the hunter squad is maxed, even better (2x bonus on subbed innocents).
+ Hunter Squad is unlocked by subbing 10 innocents (if you havn't already).
+ Take the innocent/s you subbed, combine them with the parents, then leave them in the farm. They'll promptly shoot up in levels, and produce higher level offspring.
+ Spending 9 turns in battle (even doing nothing at all), will cause the innocents to level up, and a 20% chance of an offspring (30% if Innocent Aid Squad is maxed). This only happens once per battle, so spend 9 turns and finish the battle (1-1 and 2-1 are good for this).
+ Once you max the Innocent Aid Squad, offspring will be born subdued already. While you no longer get the 2x bonus from subbing them yourself, it's still faster. Just combine with the parents and move on.

To levelup fast in the postgame, unlock Martial Trial 1 (by passing a bill). Use the cheatshop to set difficulty to 1 (making them lv99, which somehow causes them to give EXP like a lv300 enemy), then use whatever tricks to kill them. After a bit, you can move onto better Martial Trial maps.
Capturing enemies on the martial trial maps can levelup some squads real quick.
This has been another (probably) uselessly informative post, by me. Booyah!
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