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  3. Okumura's palace is definitley the low point of the game for me

User Info: gamemaster712

3 months ago#21
demonsword765 posted...
It's mainly how freaking long it is. Especially on a clean run because right around 2/3 of the way in you're feeling fatigued as far as doing this all in one shot.
Kinda make sense with the theme of the place as well... all that fatigue 😵
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User Info: Xenomorph96

3 months ago#22
Honestly, Okumura's was probably my 3rd favorite one, next to Casino and Pyramid. Kaneshiro's in turn nearly made me quit the game.

User Info: Diamondsword7

3 months ago#23
That space port can go to hell.

User Info: Akshaayk19

2 months ago#24
nokillingmoths posted...
My least favourite so far has been the casino.
wait but why the casino palace was so fun

User Info: astralmeson

2 months ago#25
Akshaayk19 posted...
wait but why the casino palace was so fun

It has like 3 or 4 maze sections lol, that can kind of be a pain. Definitely thematically fun, but the components? Not so much. No one 'likes' the mapless dark room puzzles.

Also it's important to know that Akechi will carry you for the actual chips thing, plus give you enough to buy all the items from the counter if you go back. There are some people (old threads) who wasted their chips on the goods first, then spent time doing side activities since they dropped below the 100k needed to progress (I don't know if that scene still triggers if you're at 99k or whatever? Or if you actually need to scrounge up the tokens).

User Info: Heartfang

2 months ago#26
There's only one maze in palace 6 and it's incredibly simple
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User Info: astralmeson

2 months ago#27
Heartfang posted...
There's only one maze in palace 6 and it's incredibly simple

Not just the House of Darkness maze, I was including the staff passageway sections too (and personally spent more time than necessary wandering the first slots section, because I didn't know where to 'activate' the terminals in the second room.

It's not hard and definitely much easier than the puzzle/mazes in Spaceport or Ship. But it's not particularly interesting and together make up over half the time you spend in the palace. It's fine, but it's filler space.

Thematically, storywise, designwise, and even gimmickwise the Casino is fun. But looking back at it, the bulk of the palace itself wasn't that fun.

User Info: AnimalBoy82

2 months ago#28
I enjoyed everything there was about the casino. The look, the story, the music, the puzzles,and even navigating around the palace, etc. Can’t say there was anything about the casino that I disliked or bored me. Highlight of the game for me.

User Info: UnovaBestGen

2 months ago#29
Is so f***ing bad.

The music is horrible, the design is ugh and the puzzles annoying.

But the worst part are the enemies.
Idk why pretty much all of them had to resist physical attacks making them useless and relying on SP the entire time.
Is sooooo annoying
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  3. Okumura's palace is definitley the low point of the game for me
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