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User Info: EveLeech

4 weeks ago#1
How Should ATLUS Deal With Mishima In P5R? - Results (165 votes)
Just leave him as he is
65.45% (108 votes)
Rewrite his Confidant
24.85% (41 votes)
Kick him out and replace him
9.7% (16 votes)
This poll is now closed.
After seeing a lot of divided opinions over whether Mishima is an "UWU, cinnamon-roll, soft boy who must be protected" and "a pathetic loser incel who deserves to be picked on", I decided to make this poll to see what the majority of P5 fans think of him.

I added the "leave him as he is" option BTW after someone told me to do so.
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User Info: Chimeramanexe

4 weeks ago#3
He's fine, he actually serves a decent purpose in the story. He's made intentionally unlikable in places, and actually sympathetic in other places. It's not bad writing, it's triggering the expected audience reaction. His flawed nature definitely makes him more interesting as a character than "cool person that gives you stuff and never has any real problems".
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User Info: JesseH21

4 weeks ago#4
he's fine the way he is. I saw no issues with him in p5.

And why do you say "a lot of people".... Your the only one with real complaints about him.
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User Info: theNightster

4 weeks ago#5
Mishima should move to a land called Erebonia, enroll into a military academy, get involved with a war, then graduate, become an instructor, and change his name to Rean
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User Info: TidalDream

4 weeks ago#6
i personally am neutral, i don’t really care, and since rank 1 is forced for good party member benefits as of now, i see no reason to change it
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User Info: GammaDelta

4 weeks ago#7
He's fine the way he is. I think his Confidant is one of the best in P5 already.
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User Info: Defender31415

4 weeks ago#8
Voted rewrite. While I agree that Mishima is meant to be a normal, flawed human being, and he should largely stay that way, I think he may be a bit exaggerated.
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User Info: BlueAnnihilator

4 weeks ago#9
I really dont get what supposedly makes Mishima unlikeable.
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User Info: Cobra_7777_

4 weeks ago#10
BlueAnnihilator posted...
I really dont get what supposedly makes Mishima unlikeable.

Persona fans see themselves in him.
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