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User Info: Remiel89

1 week ago#1
I would love to stop dealing with Persona 5. It came out 2/3 years ago, it was a masterpiece, and personally one of the best games I ever played. Ok.

But time to go forward! Time to start talk about future, for me, and I hope for you too. It's surely too early to seriously deal with the title "Persona 6", but we can start at least confronting our opinions, fears, hope, about the future.

First of all: with Hashino having a new team of his, and probably some devs with him moved from MegaTen to Studio Zero, this series will be in someone else hands from now on. Why nobody cares about this big change? We don't even know who will take the series from now on. It's a huge thing changing direction. Last time that it happened, we had the Persona 2=>Persona 3 transformation. Hashino has been director to not only the latest 3 Persona, but the most important SMT of the PS2 era too. Not having him deal with this will provide with possibly big differences.
And even besides the director issue, what do you think about development? Already started? Not yet? Just concepts? Which platform will they deliver? Etc.

User Info: Darkfire12

1 week ago#2
It's not gonna have as good of a UI as Persona 5. Honestly, I doubt atlus will be able to pull off a masterpiece of a UI like P5's again. I just hope they keep the battle menu where you can choose any option in one press because that s***'s genius
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User Info: XyujuQz099

1 week ago#3
I'm just hoping that all of the Elements from all previous Personas will be in P6.
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User Info: Heartfang

1 week ago#4
I feel we're too entrenched with certain series tropes for something like the move from P2 to P3 was as long as profits are high.

I do expect as much evolution in that style as possible. P6 shouldn't feel like any of the other games as much as possible.

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User Info: MakotoYuri

1 week ago#5
i agree they ainĀ“t changing the formula to much since it bacame so popular
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User Info: Dustycadet158

1 week ago#6
If it aint broke dont fix it. That being said i bet theyve been working on 6 usually there are a couple years of concepts and planning before development starts.
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User Info: Tarma

1 week ago#7
I hope they come up with an interesting story, may it be social commentary about current times or may it be a murder mystery or something else entirely. Hopefully it's something new and exciting.

User Info: HA0U

1 week ago#8
Rather than that,
what kind of element affinity do you prefer?
P3 has three physical affinity, 4 magic and 2 instant kills
P4 has one physical affinity, 4 magic and 2 instant kills
P5 has two physical affinity and 8 magic
feel free to mix too.
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User Info: Remiel89

1 week ago#9
Nobody fears the absence or Hashino either gives a damn about it?! xD Guys, it's the director! (and probably some of his surrounding devs too)

User Info: DaToskaID

1 week ago#10
At this point I imagine they're working on early concepts and ideas and all the like. Testing the waters with what works and what doesn't work..

In terms of styling, I think they've thrown everything, including the kitchen sink, into P5. Therefore, I would love something streamlined and clean, maybe with a dominant use of white in terms of art direction for the next numbered installment.

I do have some worries regarding the writing. If possible, I'd like to see the next numbered installment as a one-and-done project. No more P5R and all the like. With what people have been speculating it sounded like the writers couldn't make up their minds.

As far as theme goes, I do believe they won't depart from the high school anime setting they love so much.

Although, if you're asking about my preferred setting, I'd like to see a seaside small town, something like Onomichi from Yakuza 6. We've had metropolitan areas (Lunarvale, Tokyo), countrysides (Inaba), and seaside cities (Sumaru; and Iwatodai-Port Island which is actually inspired by Tokyo's Minato district and Odaiba). Another one of my preferred locations would be Okinawa.

Edit: oh yeah, before I forget. You know how in Yakuza games they remind you when you're about to enter the grueling endgame which means no way back so you have to stock up and get some rest (you, the player, not the MC)? I'd like to see that in Persona, complete with the unforgivingness. Give me a boss fight before the final boss with no way but forward in between.
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