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User Info: muur

1 month ago#81
JLazarillo posted...
MakotoYuri posted...
Dx2 boosted SMT extremly

So, legit question on that, though: the article you linked mentioned that Dx2 is a free-to-download game. So does that really count as "selling more copies" if the copies didn't have to be, y'know, bought? Or is there another aspect to this, like the game maybe having a "premium" version to purchase that still keeps it over the top (or yet something else I'm unaware of)?

Similarly, as I understand it there's also a Persona mobile game that may have caused similar inflation if it was free-to-obtain, too (though I'm not sure if it came before or after Dx2).

So it'd be interesting to see how to compare which had "sold" more games, which had made more revenue per game sold, etc. There's a lot of ways that could be fun to compare.

2017 report had persona 3 million above. 2018 report now has it 3 million behind. smt didnt even release a game, and somehow made 6 million "sales"? just means that game was downloaded 6 million times, and sega are counting it under SMT's sold numbers, like with Sonic the Hedgehog which Sega claim has sold over 800 million (400 million more than mario)

User Info: Alkeez

1 month ago#82
Its a fantastic game i would love for most people to be able to play! So yes :)
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User Info: Seitar

1 month ago#83
JLazarillo posted...
UberPyro64 posted...
Best Buy lists a Switch version on their site.

Bear in mind that even if the newly-revealed "5S" ends up being the rumored Switch version (which, again, I would rather like for it to be), the likelihood that it'd be getting an American release within any frame of time that is likely covered by Best Buy's catalogue (even internally) is fairly small. I mean, obviously, it's listed there, but especially given that it's "unable to order", I would say the likelihood is that this is more the result of incorrect data entry or someone on the production end jumping the gun with assumptions, than something that's actually been entered for function's sake.

Indeed, afaik Best Buy have been known to add games that where barely announced and never release like Metal Gear Solid: Rising, not Metal Gear Rising: Revengance ; and other things (like Asian special editions of games) to their site that never came out in america.
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User Info: Uru_Zeph

1 month ago#84
muur posted...
kingcam07 posted...
scaler24 posted...
muur posted...
I picked not caring though with all the port begging and assuming it'd be funny if it doesn't

It's hilarious how people complain so much about port begging, but then half of those people proceed to cry about Nintendo getting SMTV.

I've only seen people asking for SMTVPS4 on threads where people begged for Persona 5 on the Switch.

pretty much yeah. switch fans are memes for port begging

Thing is, I don't even think all of these people are necessarily exclusively Nintendo fans. I know a ton of people (like myself) that game on multiple platforms but think certain games would be perfect to be able to play both on-the-go and as a sit-down experience and so want them on the Switch. Persona 5 is honestly one I couldn't care much less about since I personally prefer playing a game like that sitting down and comfy anyways, but there are others that I've definitely looked at and played on my PS4 and thought "yeah, this'd be really cool if I could play it on the Switch, I'd prefer it on that."

I honestly think this is the biggest reason there's so much "port begging" for the Switch--and half the time I don't really think it's begging, it's just people expressing that they'd love for certain games to be on the system which for some reason other people take offense to. Some of the time it is probably annoying and unreasonably demanding begging, but unreasonable and annoying people are everywhere and in every camp.

I guess my main point it, there's a reason there is so much vocalization about people wanting ports for the Switch, and it's not just fans of Nintendo exclusively. There's also a reason that we're seeing so many more developers actually making a pretty big effort to get their games on the system where they couldn't really care less before in previous console generation cycles. It's a pretty big deal with a fairly wide demographic appeal at this point.

User Info: gamerprince1999

1 month ago#85
I chose I don't care. Whether I buy it or not really depends on if they'll add new content to the Switch version or not. If they do, I'll buy it on sale. If not, I'm not bothering as I already have the game on PS4.
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