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  3. Will you be interested in Persona 5: Royal if there is no FeMC?

User Info: JoyStar

4 weeks ago#31
As someone who's never played Persona, yeah. Almost every game I've played has had the player character be male interns of main story-driven games (Portal is the one exception, and you can play as both Cynder and Spyro in Dawn of the Dragon so that counts I guess). I wouldn't mind a female MC being added but I'd be cool with just Joker/Ren as well.
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User Info: KariyaLollipop

4 weeks ago#32
Never played Persona, waiting on royal news just to see if it's a big update or if I can go ahead and get the original. Don't really care about MCs one way or another, I just want an Atlus game to play during the long wait for SMTV.
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User Info: Shadow_Luffy

4 weeks ago#33
For me personally, yes. I don't care about playing as a FeMc nor do I feel it would really add much replay value unless a lot was changed to the base game. If it's there, cool but I'll ignore it. If it's not, it sucks for those who wanted it but it doesn't phase me much. What I care about is enough new content to warrant another purchase and what that content is.

I would like the pacing to be fixed, the story to be tweaked so it flows better, characters given more time to shine, maybe more personas, perhaps even a extra dungeon like P4G, and a better "finale" than the one we were given.
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User Info: Locke_Leonhart

4 weeks ago#34
BrightShield786 posted...
I’d be MORE interested without a FeMC option, assuming that they instead opt to focus on other areas of the game.


User Info: Crumpington

4 weeks ago#35
Only if they add a lot of new s***. I'm not willing to pay full price for a rerelease with some slight additions to the story, in the same console generation. I don't even particularly care about it being a FeMC; having a second option to play as to mix up the story would be infinitely preferable to the same game with some slight tweaks/improvements.
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User Info: meteora88

4 weeks ago#36
It's strange how a group of people are only going to buy a game based on whether or not the MC is female.

Is gender really that important, that it has become a deciding factor now?

What happened to buying a game because it's a good game? Or the brand new content is plentiful enough to make it worth it?

User Info: HA0U

4 weeks ago#37
^You forgot there are whiners who buy a game completely based on [voices]
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User Info: meteora88

4 weeks ago#38
HA0U posted...
^You forgot there are whiners who buy a game completely based on [voices]

They’ve got their priorities wrong then.

User Info: didierre

4 weeks ago#39
Not interested if the game isn't largely different, by that I mean I expect at least one new party member that isn't Akechi and that this PoS doesn't get redeemed.

User Info: xeno_x-blade20

4 weeks ago#40
The determining factor for me is how substantial the new content is, like an extra palace or dungeon, several brand new social links, and new Personas. The idea of having a FEMC or not doesn't matter to me, but if she comes with new social links and some other content, then I welcome it.
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