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  3. Will you be interested in Persona 5: Royal if there is no FeMC?

User Info: lunamoon7

1 month ago#1
Will you still be interested in P5: Royal if there is no FeMC? - Results (501 votes)
49.5% (248 votes)
Nope not at all i already have the Original Version of the game i'm only interested in Royal if there is FeMC!
12.38% (62 votes)
Yes but only if the New Content is really Good...
24.75% (124 votes)
I'm not sure yet...
3.59% (18 votes)
Actually i'm only interested in Royal if there is NO FeMC! ^_^ Do not want to play as any Pesky Girlie! :3 ^_^
2.59% (13 votes)
I'm not interested in Royal... FeMC or not...
2.99% (15 votes)
Yes but only if the New Girl is a Waifu! :D She's so Cute... I wanna Score with her already...! ^o^ :D
2.4% (12 votes)
Other ( Specify if you like! )
1.8% (9 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Will you still be interested in Persona 5: Royal if there is no FeMC?

I know quite a bit of people that are not interested in this New Version if there is no FeMC because Persona 5 came out not too long ago and they already have the Original Version of the game and some of them haven't even finished it yet...

I will be keeping an Eye on P5: Royal regardless but i will be sticking with the Original P5 for now... ^_^ :3
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User Info: SchlagerGeist

1 month ago#2
Beat the original game roughly 5 times already. A female MC would help change the game up to get me interested in playing again. Aside from that there would have to be a huge amount of new content or exceptionally awesome content for me to want to do the 350 hour grind again.

User Info: DylanYoshi

1 month ago#3
Most likely, no. Chances are any additional content they add to the male MC's route will feel out of place and kill the pacing of the game, if Golden is anything to go by. But if it's a P3P-style FeMC, I'll have a lot of interest since it'll just be an alternate take on the same story, rather than trying to retcon stuff into the main story that never needed to be there.

User Info: hyjinx17

1 month ago#4
Female MC is about the only addition that adds no value to me. I just have no interest in doing the social link stuff from a female point of view.
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User Info: muur

1 month ago#5
I voted the teddie option

User Info: McMorty

1 month ago#6
It really depends on what kind of FeMC she is. If she has her own story line I'm all for it, but if she's just taking Joker's place in P5's story, I'm not really interested. In that case it depends on the rest of the stuff they add to the game. If it's like P4G with new content, I'll probably get it. If it's like P3P where the male side is identical to the old version, then I'll just stick with the old version.

User Info: vocedelmorte

1 month ago#7
Im interested regardless, because im sure there will be plenty of new stuff besides the new character

User Info: Cogito

1 month ago#8
femc is not needed.
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User Info: BurningFlareX

1 month ago#9
I finished the game like, 7 times by now, to the point that I had memorized a lot of the dialogue in the game by the time I moved on, lol.

I'll admit I'm keeping rather high expectations for this one. A FeMC route with a decent amount of changes would be good enough for me.

IF there's no FeMC, then they'd need to add a good amount of new content throughout the base game, especially in the end-game, because I already know everything here inside out, and frankly, one new "chapter" at the end of the game featuring the new girl would be far from enough to impress me.

User Info: BrightShield786

1 month ago#10
I’d be MORE interested without a FeMC option, assuming that they instead opt to focus on other areas of the game.
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