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  3. If there's a FeMC in P5R, which guy you gonna date?

User Info: 9999_damage

3 weeks ago#41
Makoto if I have the option, her being romanced by a younger girl sounds...exciting.

Otherwise I'll date Mishima, I'll make a man out of that wuss every night.
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User Info: WarrenKeiSnow

3 weeks ago#42
OrangeCrush980 posted...

great answer!
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User Info: tacomoney

3 weeks ago#43
Well older options feel too old for a High schooler and Oda feels like i'm rocking the cradle.
Mishima is too much of a beta male for my tastes.
So that leaves Yusuke and Ryuji.

Now arguably the former is much more attractive .
However on a personality basis I don't think we'd click as lovers plus I'm still on the fence if he's asexual. So any romantic relationship might be based on a false pretense for what he is, I don't want to force him into something he's not.

Ryuji on the other hand is a bit of a idiot yeah, but he is a good guy once you get to know him and he also has nerdy interests which means we have common grounds to build a relationship.

Plus despite his rough and tumble nature I think he would be a gentle lover and treat me good.

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User Info: Dedeirdre

3 weeks ago#44
the pancake. he's cute

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User Info: Blayshy

3 weeks ago#45
Dedeirdre posted...
the pancake. he's cute

written by a toaster

The pancake is expired.
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User Info: lunamoon7

3 weeks ago#46
I don't think the Old Dudes would be an Option... ^_^ Also why is Goro not an Option? O_o If no Goro then Yusuke... ^_^ :3
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User Info: faireya

3 weeks ago#47
All of them, eventually. Akechi first.
Where's the other option? In Persona 3, the femaled had social links that the male didn't have, so there could be extra males on her links.
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User Info: HA0U

3 weeks ago#49
your femc gets the choice to date
1. Kamoshida
2. Madarame
3. Kaneshiro
4. Masayoshi
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User Info: Redmacabre

3 weeks ago#50
Yusuke, Iwai and Akechi. Dunno in what order.
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