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  3. If there's a FeMC in P5R, which guy you gonna date?

User Info: Yurari

4 weeks ago#31
The one girl option, like Aigis or arguably Elizabeth. :p ... I mean, I hope they do that, anyhow.

Ryuji otherwise.
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User Info: Shadow_Luffy

4 weeks ago#32
None of the older confidants because it just feels like too big of an age gap (I kinda felt the same way about Kawakami too, Tae and Chihaya to a lesser extent). Mishima is just too wimpy, feel he needs more of a strong friend than a strong girlfriend.

So really it'd come down to Yusuke and Ryuji, I'd have to flip a coin at that point. I relate to Yusuke because of being an artist but Ryuji is a pretty good bro.
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User Info: AnimalBoy82

4 weeks ago#33
My wife would romance Yusuke. I personally have no interest in romancing a man.

User Info: Saber980

4 weeks ago#34
Akechi, or the female option
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User Info: VaanSkyLord30

4 weeks ago#35
I’d date the male MC
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User Info: OrangeCrush980

4 weeks ago#36

User Info: BlueSnow

4 weeks ago#37
If there was a FeMC and she could only date guys, then i'd cock block them all.
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User Info: Velvet__Crowe

4 weeks ago#39
I still wanna date Ann or Hifumi.
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Velvet__Crowe posted...
I still wanna date Ann

I've already shipped AnnexHamuko as a crack ship for awhile and since Poniko looks like Hamuko, I'm totally down with you. 8U
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