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User Info: meteora88

9 months ago#1
Will they listen to the social related complaints and address them in the next or upcoming Persona game? - Results (292 votes)
Yes - of course they would.
2.05% (6 votes)
No - why should they? Let them do their thing
74.66% (218 votes)
Maybe - who knows what the future may hold?
23.29% (68 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I’m just curious on the fanbase’s thoughts on this and want to collect hard data just to see how popular a particular opinion is.

Japanese gaming companies in general just do their own thing and don’t care too much for consumer feedback from another country.

Nintendo is one such example. Extremely successful but they’ve always done their own thing with zero f***s given.

I’d say maybe FFXV falls into this category because they outright ignored complaints relating to Cindy and only changed gameplay related feedback, yet they left out Luna being abused because they feared backlash.

It’s the only Japanese game that I know of that that took in so much fan feedback...

Considering Japanese culture, I’d veer more towards “no.”

Each Persona game had its own quirks and they’re weird yet fun in their own way. I don’t see them censoring their approach since it works so well.

Examining the past Persona games, as well as Catherine, I can see that they like to do their own thing.

I think the only feedback they’d take into consideration will be gameplay related.


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User Info: tokko1234

9 months ago#2
Honestly I think they might listen to the gameplay feedback and say oh yea maybe being able to turn off certain skills you unlock or hey maybe we should add a little more variety to the skills your team gets when they rank up but when it comes to the more social aspects that people keep demanding (not trying to be mean here but its mostly from the newer fans) I think they MIGHT take it into consideration to see if they like it or can use it but otherwise they'll ignore it and do whatever they want to do

User Info: Heartfang

9 months ago#3
Common sense is just wisdom with its sleeves rolled up

User Info: vocedelmorte

9 months ago#4
They will do what they decide is best for them, social opinion is irrelevant

User Info: sillyfudgemonke

9 months ago#5
The only reason I think there is possibility they might listen to Western fans......is because they have stated they acknowledged us and want to try to expand multiple times. Iirc there were a few interviews, but last years music concert (the one where they announced P3/5D) Lotus Juice spoke on behalf of everyone in english "Yo english fans we know you're out there listening! We hear you! Thank you!" or something like that. Heck, when they were recently hiring people they welcomed foreigners to the team as well.

So.....yeah Atlus.....seems to be aware and willing to expand....I don't see them listening to EVERY complaint, but I see them attempting to find a way for them to listen to us. It might be soon, but Atlus is evolving..... And while it's unrealistic to assume they'll bend to every need and desire for the Western fanbase, it's not unrealistic that they won't take them into consideration.

Btw I voted maybe, cause it's def grey area and not a flat yes or no.

User Info: YungLeviathan

9 months ago#6
They don’t need to.

Persona 5 is the most successful game they have ever made.

Fan suggestions are objectively irrelevant.

All they need to do is expand on what they already have - just as they did from P4 to P5.

User Info: GigaGaia

9 months ago#7
They don't care. Every single complaints about this game are just stupid anyway. In fact, Atlus probably have a giant meeting weekly where they read them out loud and just laugh while getting drunk.
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User Info: TaticalWarrior

9 months ago#8
Actually, Persona is one of the few series that is doing excepcionally well.

When I saw some complainments, I thought most of them were very petty, considering that the games are bursting with gameplay content and plot.

Yes, they could change the school setting for something more similar to its public, like workplace and college, but still, the game is just fine and is still a 9.0 series.
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User Info: azure556

9 months ago#9
didnt we go through this s*** with the 500 page thread?
most of it is complete garbage and i bet 90% of those people arent even persona fans.

User Info: Godly_Goof

9 months ago#10
We have prepared the following statement *clears throat* "f*** you", if you have any complaints you can direct them to that brick wall over there
This entire topic is a bunch of dudes jerking off while one guy learns how to find porn for the first time
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