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  3. Which PT persona looks the most ridiculous???!!?!!

User Info: SpartanAlice253

9 months ago#1
Famalam fam fam? - Results (92 votes)
Robin Hood/Loki
6.52% (6 votes)
8.7% (8 votes)
Goemon/uhh... Susanoo?
5.43% (5 votes)
The pillager of twilight, Arsene!!!
1.09% (1 vote)
Captain Kidd/Goku!!!
3.26% (3 votes)
3.26% (3 votes)
The decepticon!!!
7.61% (7 votes)
10.87% (10 votes)
Milady/Whatever the hell Haru's ultimate persona is supposed to be
25% (23 votes)
Makoto is a terrible character with a terrible confidant, Famalam!
28.26% (26 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Fam fam fam?
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User Info: sillyfudgemonke

9 months ago#2
*squints* Is the Makoto one the decepticon? I'm assuming so. *clicks* Never been a fan of the not really a motorcycle-motorcycle, esp since the Persona x Detective debacle (different reason why it's bad, but both are bad in their own way). It doesn't help that it's not utilized to its fullest and is essentially useless to the point of "Why bother having this? What's the point" (story-wise I mean). Johanna is also just.......boring to look at, borning colors.....just......boring.... The Ultimate form is better (mostly cause it's not in motorcycle form, tho it gets points off for being able to BE one), can def see Anat's old design from other SMT games. It's a shame it's a decepticon/transformer instead of just a robot or something.

Futaba's is the other one I don't like design wise. Just......also boring to look at for both that is.

The rest are.....fine...... I like Mona's ults design. I'm just not a fan of reusing a lot of Personas themselves for this game (esp you Susano).

User Info: Mavitar

9 months ago#3

User Info: McMorty

9 months ago#4
I'm torn because I think Necronomicon looks awesome (Futaba's and Makoto's vehicle designs were a nice change of pace) but Prometheus is the only one I dislike.

User Info: PumpkinBelmont

9 months ago#5
I think Robin Hood looks the most silly, but not Loki... I need someone to help me vote!

User Info: BrianCraigSmith

9 months ago#6
Haru's ultimate Persona
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User Info: TidalDream

9 months ago#7
ryuji misses a lot
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User Info: Holy7777

9 months ago#8

and none from those lists
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User Info: TheOneAndOnly44

9 months ago#9
Astarte and Hecate look pretty damn ridiculous to me. Not a fan of their designs, especially since their unevolved versions looked so neat.
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User Info: WarrenKeiSnow

9 months ago#10
Makotos just stands out way too much. Especially since she doesnt do ANYTHING with it after 2 cutscenes. Plus whats the point of a floating head in a motorcycle if it doesn't talk.
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