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No spoilers, just man... it was a journey and I'm sad it ended. I never actually finished a persona before. Ive played them till like months before the end but never went for the finish finish. Dunno who here knows twitch, but I was following Cohhcarnage and I used him as a way to keep myself playing P5, I wanted to stay ahead of him so I couldn't get spoiled since I'm a notorious buy games to never play them person.

But then he stopped to play KCD so I couldn't wait cause it got SO GOOD! Then Scummed, fused Alice, destroyed stuff. Then I fused Yoshi and accidently 1 shot one of the final bosses cause I DIDNT KNOW HE WAS SO BROKEN. O.O Hit for 1.2k a hit with his move.

Anyway, back to the beginning, the journey is over and it's kinda bitter sweet. But I do have a Vita and I own P3 and P4 so I dunno if I should work backwards or forwards. P3 or P4 first. I remember in P4 I found out the.. identity. Ill leave it at that. In P3 I think I was close to the end but that's been so much longer that I can barely remember anything aside from red hair waifu and shooting myself in the head. Opinions on which to start first?

Also Rivers in the Desert. GOD! Ive listened to this song like 87981273 times in the past day. It's sooooo good.
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User Info: P3rocks

9 months ago#2
I would go with P3, but you really can’t go wrong with either.

User Info: OverlordDeath

9 months ago#3
If it's P3Fes, then the gameplay will be infinitely more different, while P4 is closer to P5 though still pretty different(not sure about Golden as I haven't played that). Really up to you, though I'd probably say 4 then 3, so the gameplay changes will be more...gradual.

User Info: Valkenhyne

9 months ago#4
Man I remember when I finished this game I was just sat for an hour basking in the experience.

You should totally go for Persona 3 then 4, then maybe consider the older ones (though I know they're a little harder to stick with, age wasn't kind but the story holds up!)
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