Valentines Chocolates and New Game Plus Question

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User Info: holysoga229

7 months ago#1
I know that the Valentines Chocolates carry over in New Game Plus.

Here is my question, sent via a timeline to make it really easy to understand.


First Playthrough: Dated Ann, got Ann's Chocolate.

New Game + : Will date a different girl and get her Chocolate. Will not use Ann's Chocolate

New Game + (Second Complete of the game): Will I start with Ann's Chocolate and the second girl's chocolate?

The question is, upon completing the New Game + where I date a second girl (not Ann this time), does Ann's Chocolate carry over to the next New Game Plus if I don't use it?
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User Info: Jnry3

7 months ago#2
Yes, it carries over.

I have 3 chocolates from Makoto, 1 from Takemi, and 1 from Sojiro. Hehe. Now deciding from whom I'll get my next chocolate from...

IIRC from my previous runs...
1st run: Makoto
2nd run: Makoto
3rd run: Takemi
4th run: Makoto + Sojiro (got beaten up by Ohya for this)
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