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xbimpyx 4 years ago#1
Holy crap... how do any of you deal with whoever scripted Persona's infodumping?I cannot believe it's pervasive enough to creep into almost every dialogue box. It's too much at once and non-essential. Characters spew out the obvious, even repeating themselves via rearranging aforementioned sentences. Describing things the tutorials already told me or physical actions like MC: enters palace/NPC:"you entered the palace!".

Then I ran into mechanical conversations. When the MC speaks with somebody else I can count more times than not that his conversations come down to a Q&A session. Hell many of these "somebodies" will ignore at least 1 dialogue option we can choose for MC. That means NPCs' responses are already predetermined without factoring in a MC's option.

Horrible, horrible, horrible dialogue. How does it not get criticized? I know Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth series is like this too. Ugh help me understand why such dialogue becomes acceptable?
kollie89 4 years ago#2
Well for the MC dialogue choices in the story it’s because it’s a pre written story, overall you don’t affect how the games story turns out, you just take part in it, the MC dialogue choices in the main story are just meant for you to choose to say something in a certain way just to mix it up, it’s just not a narrative you can drastically affect, it’s not a choose your own adventure story

As for the info dump stuff well....despite how much they explain stuff constantly in the game people still seem to not understand the rules of the games universe so lol
omegafire18 4 years ago#3
As far as the second bit (and as stated), the story is pre-written and the MC, while having some consistent character traits, is a semi-blank slate/part of that and therefore no matter what he says, cannot significantly affect the dialogue that goes on. And since it is a game, of course NPC answers are pre-determined, especially the non-relevant ones - the only flags that might change their current talks are usually set after certain points of the story

^These aren't uncommon conventions, really. As for the first part, personally when I see the repeating bits, my mind just automatically goes 'seen/heard that before' and moves on - no annoyance or learning things over again (so not an issue lol)
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soothsayer 4 years ago#4
Persona is notorious for this. And from what I've seen, it's present in nearly every game, including spin-offs lol.

Even in arena Naoto's story takes like 20 minutes to get to the first fight because it's mostly exposition.

The dialogue thing is something a lot of JRPGs do to, and in fact many are even worse about it.
matteste 4 years ago#5
This is a problem that has only gotten worse with the series as the years have gone by. P5 is just the worst of the bunch in this regard. Having played games such as P2 and Nocturne that are significantly more restrained, it's quite a whiplash.
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Sea_Wyvern 4 years ago#6
Quite simply, JRPGs are generally non-interactive when it comes to their plots. As a pre-written story, it tends to lose power and cohesion if the player is allowed to meddle too much into it unless it's a game designed around the idea of the player's actions affecting everything. This is not feasible unless the game is either small-scale enough where it matters for the derivations to be easy to implement (see: Undertale) or made by a dev with enough money and manpower to implement it.

In Persona's case, the MC is supposed to be your self-insert. The choices you are given, by and large, are there to add a bit of flavor to the text as you see fit. What you can influence is the strength of your relationship with NPCs (Confidants), and how you spend your free time.

In most cases where dialogue trees are used, only certain choices and actions at certain points have the checks that actually influence the story appreciably. This is easy to see with the existence of multiple endings/alternate routes, where the important checks usually happen at either the beginning, middle point, or start of the endgame, with additional checks happening in the interim being the variable factor in a case-by-case basis.
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Heartfang 4 years ago#7
Like what was brought up, all that exposition explaining and re-explaining the same things, and people still don't understand the one story moment all that repeated exposition is for.
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ZemusZeromus 4 years ago#8
They have Snake complex:
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