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User Info: goodJT

10 months ago#241
SteelWingKnight posted...
Tonight: The Grand Finale!
(Maybe. Or at least we move forward and see what happens after the election and if Shido's heart changes).

Hmm.... You're in for a ride.
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User Info: DanielsonsXe

10 months ago#242
Good luck, Steel!
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User Info: SteelWingKnight

10 months ago#243
I said I'd finish it this past weekend, and that was my intention... but for real life reasons, I couldn't play my PS4. And now I'm sick...

Someday soon. I hope.

DanielsonsXe posted...
Good luck, Steel!

Thank you!
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User Info: goodJT

10 months ago#244
DanielsonsXe posted...
Good luck, Steel!

We can wait.
AKA Tykronos/Ryltex,The Glass Wraith of Gamefaqs.
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User Info: SaizotheSixth

10 months ago#245
goodJT posted...
DanielsonsXe posted...
Good luck, Steel!

We can wait.

They do say patience is a virtue.
Let's keep at it until one of us can understand the other
But I never want you to say that it's already too late

User Info: Gadien

10 months ago#246
Patience is alright, but Sins are more awesome.
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User Info: SteelWingKnight

10 months ago#247
12/24 ~ 124 hours

Election night!
Shido still won, the change of heart came too late to affect the election...
But he did have a change of heart, and confessed just after being elected!

Looks like the conspiracy doesn't end with Shido, he has a lot of collaborators who just won't let this go, faking his sickness and worst case using him as a martyr and continue to rule with their party without him? I wonder if they might even kill Shido so he doesn't give them away...

But mean time, we do have a couple free days!

Futaba Rank 7

Futaba tracked down her friend... and ew, no, her parents are abusing her in a disgusting way.

While I'd like to change their hearts, we're out of time and about to destroy mementos... I'd really like to change their hearts, but sorry, not in this timeline...

Chihaya Rank 9 & 10

Nothing super interesting.
Some people that bought into the psychic scam still have a hard time believing it's fake, but Chihaya resolves to help them.
Now, instead of reading fortunes and selling placebos, she's going to try to give people advice so they can change their fate themselves and not be resigned to it.

Oh, and why is she suddenly talking like a country bumpkin? She is from the countryside, just kind of silly that she snaps into that accent. I wish this was voice acted.

So the theme of her confidant was changing your fate: you never have to be resigned to your apparent fate, you can always take action to change things, through your inner strength and the fortitude in your heart!

If only I could do that in my life... maybe I should take inspiration here.

The election has come and gone, and somehow most people still seem to support Shido.
And people are now thinking the Phantom Thieves were a hoax.
What? Are the media manipulating the narrative that much?
Strange. It's almost like everyone is in a dream or something.
Well not everyone, some people are having doubts about Shido and wondering why the Thieves thing died down.

Is this some commentary on the modern media news cycle, where issues explode overnight, everyone everywhere is talking about them, then suddenly fade away and everyone seems to forget about and stop talking about, especially when the problem hasn't been solved?

See: the Equifax data breach, the Panama and Paradise papers, the 07-08 financial crisis bank bailouts and the ones who caused it getting off scott free, etc.

Looks like what we'll have to do is... find the answer in Mementos! Yeah, I figured that out once we got the final door being blocked.
Having to change the consciousness of the public at large... quite a tall task.

Whoa, it's a huge skeleton door! And the end of the line for all the trains! Where are all the people going?
This place looks pretty ominous, with the black, purple, and red.

Beyond the door is... a panopticon? (A type of prison which is cylindrical and has cells on the outside walls of the cylinder, so someone at the center can see into all the cells).

And the veins from before running to what I presume is heart of the matter.

Now, this is an appearance fitting of a final dungeon!

And what of Mona's true identity? Or is he just a cat? The dangerous trickster?

Speaking of, I totally called Mona's awakened Persona being Hermes: the trickster of greek/roman mythology. Well, he's called Mercurius here, same diety.

So people are willingly walking into and staying in a prison.
Not surprising, many choose to live in ignorance, comfort, and security, rather than face the sometimes ugly truth of the world around them and do something about it.
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User Info: goodJT

10 months ago#248
Meet the demi.....
It begins, the end.
AKA Tykronos/Ryltex,The Glass Wraith of Gamefaqs.
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User Info: SteelWingKnight

9 months ago#249

Deeper into the heart of the matter...

The visual design is pretty typical for a final dungeon, black and red and dark and ominous... but I like it.

What are these pyramids randomly sticking out from the floor?
Oh, they're part of a puzzle where you have change floor tile colors by walking across them to turn them all from yellow to blue. These kind of puzzles are neat. I wish the game had more of them.
They're super easy though, I'm solving them in a few seconds.
How is this supposed to be a security system anyway if the lock puzzle can be solved in seconds? I guess it can trap people and slow them down if they're fleeing.

The enemies are a bit more difficult, but still have the issue of being able to knock them all down in one turn with their weakness before they can do anything and end the fight before it even begins.

The rainbow warped hedonistic braggart is a bit troublesome, haven't found his weakness, takes a bit to take down.

The scripted fights where you have to fight 3 sets of normal enemies in a row caught me off guard, was low on health by the time I got to the second battle.

There was also a super annoying fight with the Chernobogs which kept area despairing my part which was ok if Makoto could area cleanse but if she got caught then it was a problem. Got through in the end... barely.

Talking to the people in cages gives some nice flavour.

Apathy, hopelessness, helplessness... feelings I know all to well.
It's so easy to just sit around passively in comfort and security than to actually do something about the problems and evils around us.
That's what this is all about. Unscrupulous individuals do bad things, but sometimes people just let them through their passivity.
"When good men do nothing, evil wins."

But it's not that simple. There's so many bad things going on that even if people do try and fight it, nothing happens.
Remember the 07-08 financial crisis? And the Occupy movement that followed, people setting up tent cities in front of govt buildings and protesting all over the country? A massive protest that even went beyond the US like never seen before, a new movement against the bank and corporate dominated economic order...
... and nothing happened.
... and the bandits that manipulated the economy to make incredible amounts of money but ultimately led it to ruin that hurt many ordinary people got away with it with billions, none of the people actually responsible were even prosecuted.
What the heck are we supposed to do about this kind of thing?

Now we're having protests in Florida resulting from the recent terrible school shooting... It's a serious crisis. Kids are dying.
And people are standing up and speaking up and protesting, lots of young people too. That's commendable.
And I bet nothing will change as a result sadly, and any attempts at reforms to try and reduce these incidents will fall in legislature, and it will keep happening. It's not being defeatist, it's being realistic, still may as well try though (and of course, there's no easy solution, or maybe no real possible solution at all, but could still try to do something about it).

I get the message the game is going for, but really, what the heck is the average person supposed to do when those with power and money make the decisions and they refuse to do anything about these major problems (probably because it benefits them)?
Protesting, contacting your representative, voting out party A and voting in party B, that's all well and good, and yet things don't change and don't get done, no matter how many tragedies happen, just empty promises...

Sorry if that's quite the sociopolitical tangent, but that's how I feel the game relates to the real world.
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User Info: Ep1taph303

9 months ago#250
Keep an eye this year for September 23rd. 50,000 like minded youth are gathering across the nation to usher in a new era of hope and respect.


This isn't a protest, this is a historic turning point in American society.
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