The best persona game.

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User Info: williamffworld

4 months ago#1
Me I think this is a great game like the 3 fes and 4 golden. What about you?
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User Info: mastermix3000

4 months ago#2
Without a doubt my favorite of the 5
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User Info: JesseH21

4 months ago#3
I can't really say without having fully played the first trilogy. I played them a little, but then my ps3 with them on it broke and haven't redownloaded to play them.

User Info: flip4stackz

4 months ago#4
i played 4 after playing 5 (5 is the greatest game ever made btw)

its terrible (compared to 5)

i jumped back down to 3 (which i originally played years ago, but never finished) and i'm enjoying it more than 4
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User Info: LagoonTheCursed

4 months ago#5
persona q

it has the most characters
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User Info: ElenoreBR

4 months ago#6
persona 3 social
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User Info: Kneekicker

4 months ago#7
P5 is my favourite Persona by gameplay and cast standards only. P2 IS/EP still has the best plot and music while P3 is the only game with a satisfactory endgame.

Rather ironic, considering my fondest memories are of P1 and P4 even though I consider them comparatively mediocre. I grew up with the former and spent the most time playing the latter.
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User Info: Touya999

4 months ago#8
Ace defective.
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User Info: Azzandra

4 months ago#9
Touya999 posted...
Ace defective.

Hah, forgot about that brilliant line.

Have to say, although 2: IS, is my favourite, I think 3 is the all around best Persona game. 5 to me doesn't feel like a persona game at all, there's a creepy atmosphere present (even in revelations) I felt in the other ones that I'm not getting here (this is amongst other things of course but since this is opinion and not fact I'm not going to waste time detailing everything). Not saying it's bad but that's just how I feel about it. I've said this already but I really hate the music in 5, bar 1 track (Blooming Villain) and that really takes a lot of the fun out of it for me (find it more of a job to get through games where I don't like the music).

User Info: Heartfang

4 months ago#10
In before someone pretends there were games before persona 3.
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