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  3. Hi all, is the game more evil than GTA series?

User Info: Wynvkius

1 year ago#31
NextGenCowboy posted...
Wynvkius posted...
Orange Clockwork posted...
These aren't Demons from Christian lore.

Some of them are though.

Again, yes, and no.

In Persona you're not usually facing actual demons. Nor do you wield them. You're facing off against shadows, and manifestations of human emotions. Which are different, and usually pulled from the collective unconscious.

It's splitting hairs, but it can make a difference between someone playing mainline, and Persona.

Also, another minor point. Again, it's primarily Abrahamic. I know Christian is the concept most of us are familiar with. But most of these entities' forms reflect their history in regards to Abrahamic faith, not just Christian.

Yeah I went to a Christian school for like 12 years and I know it Abrahamic. I also know that a lot of this also applies to Islam as another abrahamic religion. A lot of the demons in this game are mentioned by name in both the old and New Testament of the Bible. OP wants to know if this game contains demons from Christian mythology and the answer is yes no matter how much you want to get into semantics.
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User Info: NextGenCowboy

1 year ago#32
They never mentioned Christianity at all. Everyone else did.
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User Info: apollo0

1 year ago#33
IIRC, the actual name of religions (like Christianity, Muslim, Judaism, Buddhism, etc) are not actually said. Deities and such are though
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User Info: Heartfang

1 year ago#34
I didn't sit through stupid old men debating video games to create the ESRB for someone to have to ask if a game rated MA is suitable for a child.
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User Info: Avalon64

1 year ago#35
one of those games being night trap of all things...
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User Info: Orange Clockwork

Orange Clockwork
1 year ago#36
rhony2 posted...
Orange Clockwork posted...
These aren't Demons from Christian lore.

Well given that many Christian devil name were taken from the gods of other religions, you could say both yes and no to this. Plus many of the Persona names are taken from the Christian Angelic Choirs from medieval times with the exception of Cherubim and Seraphim. However the names Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel etc are the names of high ranking Christian Arch-Angels who have been identified as being in either the Seraphim or Cherubim ranks.

Sure, they took some names and likeness but they're hardly the evil beings depicted in traditional Christian literature and pop culture. In the game they're not literal fallen angels revolting against god, they're manifestations from human subconsciousness.
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