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  3. Hi all, is the game more evil than GTA series?

User Info: chicksboii

1 year ago#1
I want to get the game for my sisters but I don't want it to be encouraging to the demons and being evil. GTA is worse because it encourages you to steal and crime. What are your opinions about persona 5? are they fighting for good?

User Info: sotojuan

1 year ago#2
Are the Phantom Thieves just?

User Info: BlueBoy675

1 year ago#3
What does Akechi-kun think?
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User Info: chicksboii

1 year ago#4

User Info: Orange Clockwork

Orange Clockwork
1 year ago#5
These aren't Demons from Christian lore.
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User Info: Readingscripts

1 year ago#6
sotojuan posted...
Are the Phantom Thieves just?

I hate Akechi-kun so YES???
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User Info: Kenneth_Writer

1 year ago#7
Save us Akechi-kun!
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User Info: ElSilverWind

1 year ago#8
This game is full of ****y adults.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

1 year ago#9
You get to KILL demons and punish people who commit the seven deadly sins. So it's a morally sound game.
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User Info: NextGenCowboy

1 year ago#10
Orange Clockwork posted...
These aren't Demons from Christian lore.

Depends how you want to look at that.

Some of them are clearly taken directly from Christian -- or more precisely usually -- Abrahamic lore. But not everyone has an issue with that, some people have an issue with the concept as a whole. One could argue that they're not actually the demons in question in Persona -- as opposed to mainline SMT -- but we're kind of splitting hairs there.

Which is cool. People's beliefs are their beliefs.

As for the question at hand. It depends on what you consider good and bad. At its root, the game is about standing up to a society where free will and independence are crushed under the need to conform, and hiding terrible things for the benefit of the whole.

If that's something you think sends the wrong message, then yeah, probably not the game for you or your family. Which, again, is cool.

Bad stuff happens, most of it perpetrated by the enemies. But the moral implications of what the team does is never fully explored. It's brushed upon, but never truly dissected.
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