In Your Opinion, what is the worst music track in this game?

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  3. In Your Opinion, what is the worst music track in this game?

User Info: Chirthorpe

11 months ago#1
For me, it's the mementos music. Nearly all other tracks in the game I can hear endlessly without being annoyed by them, but Mementos doesn't.

User Info: BlueBoy675

11 months ago#2
Gonna have to second Mementos. The soundtrack as a whole is really good though
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User Info: sotojuan

11 months ago#3
Mementos, but until the end of the game the whole area is for grinding/extra stuff. I usually have the volume down when going through it.

User Info: retep_one

11 months ago#4
mementos, like no doubt about it the worst
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User Info: BlueSnow

11 months ago#5
From worst to least worst (but hate em all) :

Velvet room > Palace 5 theme > Mementos > Palace 3 theme
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User Info: LadyNurbanu

11 months ago#6
Velvet room theme. If you spend more time there, this music gets to be really annoying. Another one, mementos theme. It's basic af, but surprisingly my ears not bleeding while I'm listening it. I just don't care. I'm not a fan of first palace music too.

User Info: hollow_shrine

11 months ago#7
Mementos (by mark2000)
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User Info: Mforz

11 months ago#8
Last Surprise isn't bad, but the intro can get tiring when battling lots of shadows and ending battles quickly
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User Info: BrassBirch

11 months ago#9
Last surprise kind of fades into the background.
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User Info: ToastedSal

11 months ago#10
Meme and Toast.
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  3. In Your Opinion, what is the worst music track in this game?

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