So this game is just a glorified visual novel and feels like an absolute slog

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  3. So this game is just a glorified visual novel and feels like an absolute slog

User Info: Phoenix Crystal

Phoenix Crystal
10 months ago#1
I just don't see it. The game has got great reviews and praise but I don't see why?

People complain about metal gear having long cutscenes. Half of this game is pretty much just talking talking talking. What's more the amount of dialogue would be fine if it was interesting or engaging BUT IT ISNT!

the characters just waffle on and on about rubbish and and I don't feel any better for it after going through pages of text for 15 minutes.

I'll give you an example: the whole Hawaii trip. Now there's an hour of my time I won't get back. It was so pointless and mind numbing oh boring to get through it. It was just talking with absolutely no interaction of any sort or any exploration.

That's just one example though. The game just feels passive in general when not in a palace. I am pretty much just selecting who I want more text from or from where. (Confidants, raising stats) none of it is engaging and the waffling between is repeated many times by characters and it's just dull.

The best aspects are in the palaces when the gameplay is actually letting me control the character and is more strategic. And even that is noting special it's just serviceable. Everything in between goes on for far too long and the story just isn't very good anyway. The main plot is intriguing but the social confidant stuff and waffling is so boring.

Yeah the characters are well developed but why do they talk so much about crap?

The game could have been cut by 30-40% at least and I wouldn't have noticed.
The actual gameplay in palaces is fine and serviceable but again it's nothing special but at least I get to play the game.

I've reached the 5th palace by the way. I just want it to end. How long do I have left?

I've had way more fun with Yakuza 0

I was playing Dragon Quest Heroes 2 and thought while playing it how much more engaging it is and how much control it gives you to roam explore and fight with very little downtime.

What do you guys think?
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User Info: more_cow_bell

10 months ago#2
Phoenix Crystal posted...
What do you guys think?

i think you don't like this game very much.

User Info: Phoenix Crystal

Phoenix Crystal
10 months ago#3
It's not a bad game way better than a lot of other stuff. But the best jrpg? Hell no. Not even close. It's a solid 7.5 or 8/10
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User Info: mongopikis

10 months ago#4
It's not for everyone, so if you're not into it, the best advice I can give is to just drop it and play something you do enjoy.

It definitely isn't a game with universal appeal, though most reviews, first impressions videos/critiques or fans would have warned you about the immense amount of waffling you'd have to be prepared to endure.

User Info: Hemerukio

10 months ago#5
Phoenix Crystal posted...
It's a solid 7.5 or 8/10

What are you, IGN? The way that opening post described I'd have assumed your opinion of the game was a 5/10 at best.
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User Info: Tekcenter

10 months ago#6
Yeah, I like the game, but when I talk about it it almost sounds like I hate it.

Because, I just felt like the game became a huge slog after Palace 5.
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User Info: hi_standard

10 months ago#7
Kind of have to

I dont hate it or anything.

But sometimes i tell myself " i want to play some persona 5, no wait a minute, i'll probably end up going through couple hours of text then it's bed time" I work full time... I just find myself without the pure blocks of free time I need to commit to doing anything in this game and not feel like I just wasted an hour or two.

Maybe most of this fluff stuff should have all been some sort of side quest.

I think I would like this game as a pure palace/dungeon runner and all this other stuff be option (confidant, extra unlocks up to you stuff)

User Info: Heartfang

10 months ago#8
Its a text heavy 100+ hour rpg. That's what all the great reviews are praising.

If thats not your cup of tea maybe you should have read some reviews before buying
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User Info: DylanYoshi

10 months ago#9
Everything you just described is part of the appeal of this game. If you don't like it, don't complain that the core elements of the series should be different, because all that would do is isolate the existing fanbase in favor of making the game more "accessible".

User Info: TheAvianheart

10 months ago#10
I think if you like the visual novel aspects, then it is going to rate very, very highly. If you don't, then you're going to feel bored and want to get back to the action, which honestly is perfectly understandable, it's not for everyone.

Personally, I loved the character and interaction of 3 and 4, knew what I was getting into, and adored it in this game. But I can understand where people just feel like the game drags on.
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  3. So this game is just a glorified visual novel and feels like an absolute slog

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