How do you raise death confidant?

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User Info: Mooogleman

1 year ago#1
Trying to follow the guide but I would up with guts +1 instead of death rank up 1. Is there somewhere else to talk to her?

Trying to be vague to avoid spoilers.

User Info: kvltxkvlt

1 year ago#2
Well the first time you talk to her its Rank 1 so...

You just raise it by picking the right answers that the guide tells you, and having a death persona in your stock.

User Info: norra45

1 year ago#3
She's in the clinic, and you ask for a clinical trial. Do you have a Death persona in your stock?
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User Info: malcomreyn0lds

1 year ago#4
For rank 2 you need level 2 guts.
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User Info: Mooogleman

1 year ago#5
I did the clinical trial and it raised my guts the guide said at the end of the 17th to talk to her to raise death though.

User Info: Mooogleman

1 year ago#6
I think I'm being blind the guide mentions the guts too. I probably just missed it saying raised death. I'm so worried about doing everything in one playthrouh it's making me paranoid maybe I should just accept doing 2 games and not being so worried about following a guide.

User Info: skullknightz88

1 year ago#7
I'm on 5/18 and I'm not getting the option for a conversation/raise to level 4, and I followed the guide to a T so far, did I miss something?
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  3. How do you raise death confidant?

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