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User Info: Zero__0_

4 years ago#1
So, the friend of a friend datamined REv2 already (because of course they did) and found the following as characters in the data:

Moira (!)
Alex (!!!!!)
Evgny (???)

So, hey, that's a thing.

(NOTE: Mention in data does not mean models and stuff readily available.)
(2 NOTE: Game runs on MTFramework... I'm guessing Pantha Rei is never getting used.)

User Info: minime724

4 years ago#2
False list. No mention of cipher when the game itself mentions cipher (whoever that is). Check the raid rankings in extras. It'll give you the first six without "data mining". And a couple others are missing too. Nice try.

User Info: Zero__0_

4 years ago#3
Just posting what was told to me. Hence the question mark in the title. Will complain. Thanks.

User Info: Zero__0_

4 years ago#4
Got told that those are the only ones they found. More willing to believe friend of friend than random on the internet. Sorry.

User Info: SlyCooper23

4 years ago#5
Wasn't Wesker already confirmed?
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User Info: Kaliesto

4 years ago#6
I'm really surprised to see Alex.
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User Info: forte

4 years ago#7
Lacking a character does not mean it is a false list, those are the arc files from the game's directory. We are already aware that the game has 15 characters and so the file list is incomplete. That is probably because it is only the first episode. This list is "so far" legit as these files are in fact in the game.

"Cipher" might be a character file added to the ARC ( That is the file for the character model) in episode 2-4
Also we know that "Thompson" is likely a chatracter and it is probably Ark Thompson...as he was on Neil's "list" but he isnt in the arc folder either...but that doesn't mean he won't be when further episodes come out.

Again...this list is legit

User Info: KaijinSurohm

4 years ago#8
You guys also have to keep in mind:
Names are a placeholder spot. Developers have been savy before and intentionally used mis-leading name placeholders to throw people off.

This is raw mined data, so take it at face value. It's very interchangeable.
(Still very fun to see whats up)
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User Info: crynryan

4 years ago#9
Zero__0_ posted...
(2 NOTE: Game runs on MTFramework... I'm guessing Pantha Rei is never getting used.)

Why would they use their brand new engine that might not even be feature complete yet? All of the previous Resident Evils have run on MT Framework, so why would you expect any different? The engine is still one of the best looking engines out there, especially with what it can handle in-engine.
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User Info: forte

4 years ago#10
when the PC version releases tomorrow we will be able to model swap and actually see what these characters look like, which will determine what version of characters ( re4 or re6 leon?) and id Alex is a man or woman, and who Evgny is...or at least what they look like.
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