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User Info: McCann

6 years ago#1
I posted a top 10 time for the first Dr Mario stage in my region, but it doesn't get posted ok the leaderboard. Do I have to do something special for it to show up?

User Info: da_PreNz

6 years ago#2
If you're able to check the leaderboard at all, your connection is working, so it's not that.

In my experience, you're always visible from your own console. It is only by asking a friend or checking from a different console that you can know whether the "world" sees you (in the event of heavily tied scores).

Also, I've figured out how the scoreboard works:

1) Your video will be playable for exactly 3 months and viewable to the whole region.

2) After this time, your score will remain in the leaderboard for another 1 month, even though no replay.

3) After these 4 months, your score (and video, unplayable) are outright deleted from the leaderboards.

4) You may reinstate your record after 4 months simply by opening up the leaderboard from your home console.

Hope this helps understand the continuing (though slow) transformations we see! Happens in all regions, not just NA.

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  3. Why aren't I on the leaderboard?
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