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  3. Anyone else get this for their platinum Club Nintendo reward?

User Info: Luigi_Fan2

6 years ago#1
Just wondering if anyone is looking at this board.

User Info: BKXD

6 years ago#2
Yeah, it's fun and frustrating. It's fun-strating. Just got to 602 stars, have golden borders on 6 games, I think I'm done playing it considering that it takes 160+ more to beat it. And a lot of these challenges are hard. Makes me glad games have become more casual nowadays.
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User Info: EmmatheBest

6 years ago#3
I think I will be. I don't have a Wii U yet, AC's character designs just look unappealing to me, SMB2 is too mediocre, and I own everything else. So, looks like I'll be picking this up. I was heavily debating on getting it when it first launched anyway.
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User Info: Luigi_Fan2

6 years ago#4
Currently at 507 stars. Currently have Mario Bros, the remix challenges, and the bonus challenges left. The rest are rainbow starred. Having fun so far. :) The game is really nicely setup for playing for a short amount of time, although it's not as long as a regular retail game.

User Info: alpachec

6 years ago#5
I'm thinking between this or NSMB2, though I already played (and almost completed) the first NES Remix.
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User Info: HugDaddy

6 years ago#6
Likely this while getting others (e.g., NSMB2) with coins. [The DLC seems pricey for NSMB2, though.]
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User Info: AnimalCrosser42

6 years ago#7
I got it for the free famicom theme, and it says the download code has already been used. WTF!

User Info: Pram_the_Oracle

6 years ago#8


Golden border 3 stars are going to be the death of me though
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  3. Anyone else get this for their platinum Club Nintendo reward?
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