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Emily was my favourite character.PoorRetroGamer73/27 7:13PM
*spoilers* Where did they come from?7etoAtreides33/14 1:00PM
After being on the backlog since around release, finally started and completed!DouglasQuade33/13 6:13AM
Story problems and how to fix them! (FULL WITH SPOILERS!)Sotegyak52/26 2:24PM
Gonna start my first playthrough, anything I should know going in?BrandonHennig81/19 1:46AM
What's your perfect "cinematic" playthrough? (spoilers)LordTrinen51/16 10:00PM
Who survived your first playthrough?MK101912/29 9:17PM
Galadriel Stineman and Ella Lentini continue thier playthroughTwiztid3477112/21 5:12AM
Sam's magical growing hairmewlax312/8 9:38PM
Are you fine with the camera in this game?lightningxiii-2312/6 9:16PM
Emily explains to Matt that she and Mike are done?Armadi45410/30 10:56AM
Anybody seen this (SPOILERS)zzanmato110/29 4:58PM
Galadriel Stineman and Ella Lentini will be playing the game soon.Twiztid3477510/28 6:00PM
Ashley >= Chris > Mike > Josh > Emily > Sam > Matt > JessUnderleveled910/28 5:09PM
Night of The Totem Hunter Trophy Helptattooeddrgn29310/5 10:57PM
You Opened Their Eyes Trophy Please Helptattooeddrgn2939/29 8:46PM
They should have made Sole Survivor trophies for each character (spoilers)Underleveled29/26 2:59AM
Emily Elevator Don't Moverobbo8819/21 4:05PM
Just got the game because of The Dark Pictures trailerKodakliv59/18 8:04AM
What in the hell is the deal with that final 'Don't Move'? HelpTheUnknown1One1108/20 2:50AM
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