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  3. I think I prefer Director's Cut over this game

User Info: GangrenousKhan

1 year ago#1
Don’t get me wrong, this is a great game. And I would still call it the definitive survival horror experience, adding a ton of content that is way out of reach from the original. But that is where the problem lies, I think. Some of the mechanics that they added make me long for the old resident evil. I honestly hate the crimsonhead mechanic, because there is nothing I hate doing more than wasting ammo.

The game kind of bottlenecks you as far as the choices you can make. It seems you can have more choices about where you can go in the original game compared to this, especially in the beginning. I feel slow and ineffective when attacking.

These are just my opinions on my third playthrough, and like I said, great game, does a lot of things better than the original of course, but I personally would rather play the original.
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User Info: dxm8975

1 year ago#2
I personally prefer that mechanic of crimsonhead and the dead zombies being alive after a certain peroiod of time over what original(s) had, it added more tensions of surviving a hellish situation escaping from mosters in a trapped location and a different tone of gameplay dealing with them from that from the games for older consoles, but I do see having viewed those comments saying that burning the corpses/dodging the zombies as much as possible to prevent them from becoming crimson heads is only a nuisance once getting used to the game, so I understand that.)

Of those things you miss from the original I personally missed the system of the story line varying according to what you did beforehand, in the original game you had more of the possible different options and outcomes determined by them by your action such as entering the researcher's private room(where you can find a file "researcher's will") before you meet Richard in Jill's scenario, and meeting Richard before entering the room with the serum in the west you meet Rebecca for the first time there as well instead of in that room in Chris' scenario. In the remake the flow of the route is more linear and you have a higher chance of having the same events going on in different playthroughs no matter how you did beforehand, so imo it kills the joy of playing the same scenario again and again for different outcomes in the plot and that is what I missed in the remake.
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User Info: EvilResident

1 year ago#3
I too very much dislike the crimson heads and they are the one aspect of REmake that I feel “ruins” the game. They could have done without them and the defensive items. Everything else is great about REmake, though.
To me, the crimson heads are one the best parts of REmake. They make the game scarier and more challenging, isn't that part of why we play survivor horror games?

I always wished that crimson heads were in RE: Zero as well, didn't make sense for them not to be there.
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User Info: 94mav98

10 months ago#5
My favourite will forever be the DS port.
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  3. I think I prefer Director's Cut over this game
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