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User Info: Gaara_fan

4 years ago#1
Since I haven't found any information precisely on this, I hope to help anyone searching for this.

Of course, this is based on anecdotal observation on my last playthrough and I didn't test extensively but here it goes. On Chris campaign, if going for CQC FTW (Knife-only run) you can do this and still get the trophy/achievement at the end:

- You can acquire any weapons, just not equip them also firing is not allowed. The only weapon I didn't grab was flamethrower since there is many conflicting reports on it(Broken version is fine).
- You can grab and fill the fuel canteen, just not use it.
- You can use the lighter in puzzle sections such as lighting up candles, fire places and in the colored candles. Don't use to burn zombies at all.
- You can acquire defensive weapons but always unequip them as soon you get and remember to set defensive weapons to manual setting.
- In Neptune fight, you're allowed to electrocute it.
- In 2nd Tyrant fight, you're allowed to use the Rocket Launcher against it.
- You can also grab any ammo you find laying around.
- If you happen to get poisoned with Chris during first fight with Yawn, while using Rebecca, unequip her weapon and just run for the serum and back.
- Lastly, don't run into downed zombies as this might trigger headstomp counterattack.

P.S: When getting weapons and other not allowed items, store them as soon as possible to not risk using them by mistake.
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  3. CQC FTW Trophy clarifications.
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