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User Info: goofoff06

5 years ago#11
Eh not sure on exact size I got it for free so I didn't really measure it heh. The pictures on the books just looked like small blobs of color though and ever after using a guide to solve the puzzle it still just looked like small blobs of color to me. Just took down plant 42 though but I'm kind of hurting for ammo. Need to head back the mansion left but I'm down to like 12 grenade rounds, 14 shogun, 6 magnum and 60 handgun bullets. I'm not crazy enough to take on the upcoming hunters with handgun though.

User Info: goofoff06

5 years ago#12
Finished it off tonight it seemed longer than the DC version but maybe just because it was my first time through. Clocked in at just over 10 hours with 19 saves. Had like 90 spare handgun bullets, 0 shotgun shells, 17 acid grenades and 5 magnum bullets to spare at end.

Question though what if anything is different in the "once again" mode?

User Info: Spoofer

5 years ago#13
Once Again is just how you access all the bonus weapons you may have unlocked. If you continue from the same save file and also beat the game with Chris (I think both have to be beaten on Normal or above), then you unlock One Dangerous Zombie, which has zombified Kenneth strapped with dynamite popping up at various locations of the mansion to give you trouble. Shooting him isn't advisable. =p
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User Info: UltimateSol

5 years ago#14
MasterOfHunters posted...
This is the best RE game ever made for the fans who prefer the old style control
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User Info: EvilResident

5 years ago#15
I grew up with the original RE and the HD remaster is excellent. I love them both.
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User Info: Moopy

5 years ago#16
goofoff06 posted...
Well I had death two today cause I was taking the shotgun to hear that classic Jill sandwich line. Surprisingly though the only thing that came was a death oops. Did they take that scene out or is there something I need to trigger first to get it?

All you need to do is check both doors to trigger the scene, unlike the original where you'd just wait. Don't be a braindead zombie. Besides, if you did something that prevents the Barry scene from happening at all, the door back to the shotgun room will still be open.
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