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  3. will we ever see an HD remake of RE 2 and 3?

User Info: dgsousa

5 years ago#81
Humanoid_Sharks posted...
Short answer: No

Long answer: When it releases alongside the FF7 remake.

Well, how about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kznek1uNVsg

User Info: Goldsickle

5 years ago#82
Relentless639 posted...
Goldsickle posted...
From the very start, Resident Evil imitated Alone In The Dark.

In style maybe, but a lot of the survival aspects of the game were already present in the 89's Sweet Home for Famicom.

It's not some hinted inspiration or anything like that.

He totally said in an interview that if it wasn't for Alone In The Dark, Resident Evil would have been an FPS instead.
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User Info: dxm8975

5 years ago#83
lostn posted...
From the very start, Resident Evil imitated Alone In The Dark.

In a recent interview with Shinji Mikami, he reveals that if it isn't for Alone In The Dark, RE would have been an FPS instead.

They have always been drawing inspirations from movies and other games.

And this is one of the obvious reasons why the initial pre-rendered version of Resident Evil 4(or to be exact Resident Evil 3.5 I guess?) created by Hiroshi Shibata(the original director of the game before Mikami finally becomes in charge of it) got abandoned, as you can see in the trailer it originally meant to be in pursuit of classic resident evil games in view of the camera angle and in point that the enemies come outta nowhere with the sudden change of in-game music - which clearly mimicked older resident evil games including Resident Evil Remake, Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil Code Veronica.

The ideas that Shibata put in his would-be instalment of the series got revived in creating Devil May Cry games whereas Mikami's newly developed Resident Evil 4 we know today left some significant hints for other video game designed to come up with Dead Space.

Those weren't Shinji's idea but mostly something thought out by Yasuhisa Kawamura (the scenario writer of RE3).

The idea came about when he feels that the series' pathogenic threats doesn't give much room for mysteries and was impressed with how Silent Hill manages to stay mysterious even after a player completes the game.

Maybe nobody went back with the idea because not everyone shares his views.

Also, Yasuhisa Kawamura doesn't work in Capcom anymore.

The directors of video games always have to be enough cautious with the opinions/demands of the fans willing to play a game of their own favourite series all the time, and reflect into their products with what they really wanted the games to be like as much as they can. Since the Resident Evil games were traditionally of typical survival horror-game genre with eerie atmosphere, creatures forcing players to flee from them and explore throughout one particular area for a long time in order to escape from there safe, he thought that staying with same sort of style didn't have much room to satisfy those fans anymore, thus I take it for granted that he had to add something "new" into his own works that lacked in his previous ones.
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  3. will we ever see an HD remake of RE 2 and 3?
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