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FangsWralh 11 months ago#1
I just got a 5.3 gig update to this and now my game wont even start. I uninstalled it and re-installed it still wont start,as soon as i hit the thumbnail to launch the game it crashes to the dashboard. It was fine at 4 am this morning, this just started after downloading todays update. Yets again Cryptic has to screw it up. Go team!!!
FangsWralh 11 months ago#2
so, I had another update at 1 am to fix the mess they made. Only problem now is that during a fight with Baphomet the games crashed to the dashboard 3 times and I finally gave up trying. I never did beat him.
darkknight338 11 months ago#3
It is working fine for me at this time.
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