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We are looking for Alliance Quest map 5 players and arena grinders, with at least 2 5* at 5/65.

We do no wars (wars are strictly prohibited in the alliance), there are no crystal holdings (you can open crystals whenever you want) there are no prestige rankings, no donations, no limits on who you rank and no donations of any kind.

Rating is important, but the 5* 5/65 (at least 2) is paramount and you must bring them to Alliance Quest always.

Preferably with good arena points, if you don't do arena or don't like arena please:


AQ: join every 3 hours, if you can't abide by this rule, inform an officer, failure to do this will result in penalties.

Arena: Milestones in both 3* and 4 basic

3 day quests:

Members are required to contribute to three (3) day quests.

Members must contribute minimums for at least two (2) of the four (4) quests.

The minimums are:

1.Completion: 15,000
2.Item Use: 2,500
3.Arena Combat: 15,000
4.Perfect Series: 10,000

Spending is discouraged but not prohibited.

TL;DR: Map 5 players that grind arena and contribute minimums, no wars or donations required; must have 2 5* maxed out in rank.

Name of the alliance: Roguetopia, contact the leader Tim rose, to join.

No negotiations of any shape, form, condition and nature, if you contact us you must agree to all the terms and conditions and it's a matter of you just getting a request to join.

If you don't agree with the terms and conditions previously expressed, please don't waste our time applying, thank you.
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  3. Alliance quest map 5 players, no wars, no donations
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