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User Info: xCarn4g3x

5 years ago#1
So I started playing for a while on my iPad, liked it, then I started playing for a bit on my phone. I had wanted to start a new account since the heroes I got from my first few crystals were total crap.

So when it asks me if I want to continue from my other account I say no, start all fresh and with my first premium crystal I get a 3 star hero, not much but I never got one on my other account. I spend some money, get 2 more 3 star heroes and my team is looking good.

Today I tried to play and it randomly logged me in to the other account I had on my iPad. So now I have multiple leveled up 3 star heroes and about 20$ down the drain. How do I get back to my other account? Help please :(
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User Info: skreddy

5 years ago#2
Did you create an account with Kabam in settings? If so, log in with that and you should be okay. Plan B, log out of Game Center and see it that sets things straight. Plan C, write to Kabam tech support, and tell them your old username and what you had that's lost. They should be able to restore it for you.
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