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natevines 5 years ago#1
Any strategies? I can barely get him past half of his health without dying.
(message deleted)
natevines 5 years ago#3
Yes, the question is how to do that expeditiously. I realize you're trying to be funny. You really succeeded.
xXHeH8MeXx 5 years ago#4
Don't unload all your BFG ammo at the start, sparse it out and use it when you need a breather, or health. When you use the BFG and do damage while he's stunned, he'll drop health. Use the totems for cover from his bullets, when he electrified the floor or put spikes on the totems is when I fired a bfg blast at him

The weapons I used was the Gauss cannon, and rocket launcher
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ZatchBell 5 years ago#5
like he said gauss cannon and rocket launcher work best here he has a stupid amount of health but u can win use bfg when u need health then get up close and shoot bunch of rockets in him
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natevines 5 years ago#6
Those both helped, so thanks for that guys. But this time I got him down to probably 10% or so and ran out of ammo. As you can imagine the pistol doesn't do much. Is there anyway to get more ammo?
xXHeH8MeXx 5 years ago#7
I would maybe try the shotgun with triple shot if you're all out. I don't know I think he dropped a bit of ammo for me
RIP Karma, my little Guardian kitty 6/23/15
Champagne for my real friends, and real pain for my sham friends.
kcgie28 5 years ago#8
shoot his brain. you shouldnt run out of ammo unless you miss a lot.

Dont use the tracking rockets either i found those missed his critical spot a lot for whatever reason
DireqDave 5 years ago#9
Use siphon grenades when you can to regenerate your health.
GodlyAmbition18 5 years ago#10
Rocket Launcher with remote detonation.
Minigun with Turret Mode.
Gauss Cannon with Siege Mode.
Assault Rifle with scope.
Your eyes.

Use the BFG in conjuncture with the Gauss Cannon's Siege Mode for some decent damage, then unload the bullets with the Minigun's Mobile Turret funtion. If you need to keep the pressure but get some distance, use the Assault Rifle while scope aiming for the brain. The Rocket Launcher with remote detonation is also good for this. However, NEVER take your eyes off the boos, not even for a second. Learn to recognize patterns and such. And watch out for the boss's electric floor to spiked pillar attack. That can be devestating if you're not watching for it. If you're running low on health, break out the BFG-9000 and the Gauss Cannon for a stun hitter. But remember, the BFG only has three shots. Use them sparingly and ONLY when you ABSOLUTELY need it.

Hope this helps.
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