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  3. Has your opinion on Lucky Chloe changed over time ?

User Info: AmyVista

2 weeks ago#1
Has your opinion on Lucky Chloe changed over time ? - Results (73 votes)
I've always liked her
38.36% (28 votes)
Yes, I like her more now
16.44% (12 votes)
Yes, I dislike her more now
5.48% (4 votes)
No, I still dislike her
39.73% (29 votes)
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User Info: Trickstar90

2 weeks ago#2
I've always had a slightly favorable opinion on her. Played her for a while in S1, but haven't really touched her since.
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User Info: XelaroC

2 weeks ago#3
Never liked her. Got to dislike her even more after I got my i12 df4 check mid crushed with a hopkick and then ki charged after losing 0-2 in a tournament.

User Info: PotatoAsh

2 weeks ago#4
When she was first revealed I didn't care for her in the slightest, but after I first tried her out in S1, I do think she's the most well-designed T7 newcomer, in terms of animations at least. All of her animations just fit her character perfectly and I do love the rhythm-based mechanics and wish she'd have more of them.

That being said, I don't think I'd lose sleep if she doesn't return in the next game for whatever reason.
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User Info: Zatsukino

2 weeks ago#5
I never had any bad opinions on her, but when she was first revealed I thought she looked cool and fresh but I wasn't impressed nor captivated by her at all, never really understood the wave of hate she got from people also

Now that she's one of my most played character I think she's seriously super fun to fight as.
Her thematic and playstyle is beginner friendly and she's overall very expressive and interesting to look at!

User Info: sbn4

2 weeks ago#6
No. I only recently got to know more about this character a few months ago. She is the only character in the game I would say I hate.
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User Info: Pharmacist

2 weeks ago#7
What's there to like about a cringy KASG? Still hate her and enjoy destroying her face to the state of mashed potatoes with Bryan pummeling punches to the face outro, her idle wan too free stance, haii intro and ci u next time bii outro is annoying.
(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: KungGuld

2 weeks ago#8
Still hate every aspect of her.

User Info: Valentine242fe

2 weeks ago#9
LC’s hate is only from a vocal minority, Harada said that Chloe's usage was at its highest in North America, the place where she initially received the most backlash.

User Info: El Marsh

El Marsh
2 weeks ago#10
My opinion has not changed.

I still don't care one way or another. She's just "there."

Nothing more. Nothing less.
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