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User Info: MmickeysS

1 month ago#1

Do you agree that he's S tier?

I look at Nina and Lee and wonder a lot about these two.
Sugoi SUGOI**


1 month ago#2
Still too much work. Although that move at the beginning getting buffed looks useful.

Probably not going to change how I've always played him.
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User Info: ShadowEspionage

1 month ago#3
He's great on paper but still not very good. His main issue is how unreliable his combos feel. If you're even slightly off axis to your right, most of his combos don't connect, and a lot of his bnb's will drop for seemingly no reason.
He's a character that has no blatantly cheap move or safe launchers, you have to work for all of his damage, usually with counter hits and punishment. Even his ws punishment is kind of wack because you have to do uf+4 from crouch but pray it doesn't turn into a flip.

Fundamentally he's great, but he's similar to mishima's in the sense that you have to work your ass off to get results, except replace ewgf and wavedashing with flashy just frame moves and b+2 combos. He's easily the worst character with lag, but great offline.
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User Info: PotatoAsh

1 month ago#4
I think he's much better this time around but S tier is really pushing it. He takes a lot of effort to do stuff that many of the other characters can do more easily.
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User Info: Therese

1 month ago#5
He's mostly viable when you're actually good with the executions. A CH d3 launch combo isn't hard but not also super easy to do. Some of his new and buffed launchers require you to be at a certain angle and s***.

User Info: Vulcan422

1 month ago#6
You're still trying too hard for nothing, which is sad because Lee used to be pretty good back in Tag 2. He seems a lot better, but S tier is definitely pushing it. IMO he's gone from B to about A.

Think of it this way: Lee is playing Street Fighter 4, but everyone else is playing Street Fighter 5. You still have to do s*** like 1-frame links in order to be successful while everyone else can just do the same reliable combos for less effort and even more payoff, and also play in a more UNGA fashion.
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User Info: User_94

1 month ago#7
Lee and Nina lost their main advantage from T6 and Tag2 which was their great wall carry with S! since everyone has decent wall carry now. Lee like Shadow said takes too much work and why play him when Shaheen does about the same things.

There are also less dedicated Lee players so kinda hard to judge him at the highest level. We saw Bears won the World Tour and I always disagreed with their placement at the bottom since they had so many buffs compared to Tag2.

User Info: MmickeysS

1 month ago#8
Looking at him, I feel like they've buffed him in the perfect way to prevent him from becoming overwhelmingly strong. I just wish they made his b+1:2,2 his wall bounce because of how bad it is at giving a reliable wall splat. But yeah, overall little reward for a risky playstyle and unrefutably the worst d/f+2 of all the safe d/f+2s.

A tier.

Does he need buffs though, in your opinion?
Sugoi SUGOI**

User Info: User_94

1 month ago#9
I don't have much knowledge on Lee but make him too strong and we end up with another DJ. I need to see more tourneys in season 2 with all the DLC too. I've actually been watching a lot of those vids coincidently these past few days since I've dropped Tekken to focus on Soul Calibur a bit.

I feel like Marduk and AK are a bit too strong? The dmg from Marduk's rage drive needs to be nerf and AK seems really solid and is just a buff ver from Tag 2.

User Info: SnakeFang2

1 month ago#10
Blasted Salami also said Jin went from S to S+. T7 Jin is the best that he's been since T4 but c'mon. I'd say Jin is maybe A tops.

This is why I say tiers are subjective and they don't mean s***.

@MmickeysS posted...
unrefutably the worst d/f+2 of all the safe d/f+2s

What makes Lee's so bad? Lack of range? Does this also include the d/f+2s that launch only on CH?
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