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User Info: iori_iezzi

5 months ago#1
Who's got who's back. Who's gonna be fighting who?
We're building up to Kaz vs Jin now, so..

I'm thinking Claudio and Lars will probably be at each-other's throat.. Pretty cool fight

Anna seems to enjoy backin Kaz while Nina hangs with Jin

I'd like to see Claudio and Zafina team up. They pretty much have the same principals.

Miguel=Team Kaz
Shaheen= Team Jin

It would be cool to see both Law and Lei team up on Feng

Some sort've alliance between Bryan/ Dragonov vs Yoshi/ Raven would be cool

User Info: tte02000

5 months ago#2
If the Mishima saga isn't over I want to see Bruce actually betray Kazuya. I also want to see Paul be more serious and beat Kazuya for a change.

User Info: ace_spades111

5 months ago#3
When they say end of Mishima saga they probably mean Mishima vs Mishima as the story mode shows.
Coming up would be Mishima vs Kazama so I'd say we could hope for a Bruce x Kazuya story.

User Info: Heavenssonata

5 months ago#4
I don't know why y'all trippin
We all know Heihachi coming back for the third time.
Though personally, I want him to stay dead, the Mishima Saga was growing a little stale, and if Heihachi misses one game (T8) when he returns (inevitably) in T9 that'd be crazy!

User Info: iori_iezzi

5 months ago#5
Some betrayals would be interesting!

I'd love to see Paul be serious again. T4 Paul was my favorite... But beating Kaz though? That's definitely not happening lol

As for Hei. Dead or alive.. The guy will never miss a Tekken game. He's always going to be playable. No doubt.

User Info: Yggdrasille

5 months ago#6
Old rivalries are the best rivalries, but with a bit more interaction and dialogue between characters.

Yoshi VS Kuni
Paul VS Kazuya
Nina VS Raven
Anna VS Lee
Jin VS Hwoarang
Lei VS Bruce
Julia VS Ganryu
Asuka VS Lili
King VS Armor King
Favourite games: Tales of Xillia 1/2, Trails of Cold Steel 1/2, Suikoden V, Shadow Hearts 2, Valkyrie Profile 2

User Info: Wazzupguys

5 months ago#7
Claudio vs Eliza
Miguel vs Leo
Katarina vs Armor King
Shaheen vs Miguel
Eddy vs Xiaoyu
Jun vs Anna
Christie vs Jin
Julia vs Zafina
Forest vs Bryan
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