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User Info: tekkenangelx

6 months ago#1
Jun one of the 3 characters is Season 2? - Results (157 votes)
Yes, Jun is coming
36.31% (57 votes)
63.69% (100 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Since the Season 2 pass is mostly fanservice with long awaited "legacy" characters, do you think the overwhelmingly common name JUN KAZAMA will come along?

Or (and if she ever comes back to the non tag games) will she be saved for Tekken 8 /next Tekken since we were teased a possible conflict between Kazuya and Jin at the end of the story mode?
Or never coming back.

User Info: PotatoAsh

6 months ago#2
I doubt it, there's no way they'll include her without a story explanation (most likely a flashback).

They'll probably save her for the next game.
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User Info: Ephemeral_PuPu

6 months ago#3
She's S3 material.
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User Info: RAS1003

6 months ago#4
I want her, believe me I do. But I can’t see it happening. :(
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User Info: Borutoo

6 months ago#5
No, she ain't coming i guess.

User Info: aton_ra

6 months ago#6
Borutoo posted...
No, she ain't coming i guess.
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User Info: TheBrain93

6 months ago#7
I think she'll return, but I think it's Tekken 8 material. There's too much going on in T7 story to have Jun return. It'd be a good angle for Kazuya and Jin too, now Heihachi is out of the picture.

Angel should return with Jun.

User Info: Edelweiss-II

6 months ago#8
I don't think Jun is coming. Save her for T8 instead.

As for Kunimitsu though, I see her coming in season pass 2.

User Info: AmyVista

6 months ago#9
She will most likely be kept for T8 when her return will be one of the central point. Or if she came back earlier than expected, she will most likely be a Season 3 character instead imo.
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User Info: iori_iezzi

6 months ago#10
Jun is what I want.
But Jun isn't what I'm gonna get....
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