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User Info: OJF90

10 months ago#31
An arcade stick isn’t necessarily superior to fight pads.

Arcade sticks tend to require more wrist movement and one thing you notice in Tekken (and Mishima players) is that their proficiency in movement (or wavedashing) is heavily determined by what side they play on. Backdash canceling can also be harder on the 2p side without practice, and, even then, you’re moving your entire wrist way more than the 1p side.

Pad players don’t require that much wrist movement to backdash cancel or wavedash. Furthermore the accuracy superiority of a fightstick, IMO, is REALLY questionable, IMO. Why is the fightstick more accurate if you have to move your entire wrist, AND put more effort into your movement if you’re on your weak side?

One advantage you get with fightsticks is that you don’t have to resort to button mapping and all eight buttons are at your disposal. It’s also easier to pull off techniques like plinking and double tapping. The buttons of a fightstick are more advantageous, not the entire thing itself.

It’s not like keyboard & mouse VS. controllers.
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User Info: Spoofer

10 months ago#33
OJF90 posted...
Furthermore the accuracy superiority of a fightstick, IMO, is REALLY questionable, IMO. Why is the fightstick more accurate if you have to move your entire wrist, AND put more effort into your movement

It’s not like keyboard & mouse VS. controllers.

It actually kinda is.

Any half-decent PC FPS player knows the golden rule. Lower eDPI (mouse DPI multiplied by ingame sensitivity) = better aim. With low eDPI you have to use your entire arm to make sweeping movements and slide your mouse all over every inch of your 17+" mousepad. CS:GO pros have such low eDPI (400~800) that they have to pick up their mouse like 2~4 times for a simple 180 degree turn. The advantage lower eDPIers get in terms of precision is specifically because they're moving their entire arm and putting in so much effort. If you play with 4,000 eDPI and use only your wrist, during a fast mouse pan you might have a sweet spot of a few millimeters where you'd have to stop yourself and the mouse within to hover the cursor over an opponent and hit them. With 400 eDPI? You might have an entire inch during a fast swipe where you could stop your arm and the mouse anywhere within that inch for the cursor to be hovering over a target, and successfully hit them. In short, it offers far more precision and leeway/margin of error, and you develop muscle memory and reflexes much more easily that aid in fast snaps and consistency. Obviously you have to weigh low eDPI against other factors, like ease of movement, where in a game like Team Fortress (Classic), where you're concing and bunnyhopping around all the time at 2~5x normal run speed, you need to balance precision aiming with ability to easily turn and maneuver.

Kinda the same deal with a stick and fighters. Because you're making broader motions, and because you're using more than just your thumb, you have greater control over exactly what inputs you're hitting. For various movements, like BDC on left-hand side or WD from right, you'd probably be using two fingers instead of just one, using both to speed up the inputs. On left-hand side, you're using both your wrist/palm and a finger grip to coordinate a faster input than on pad. Let alone better accuracy, especially with an octogate where you can feel every direction successfully being hit.

Now think about how easily you can roll the stick, like for a HCF or 360 degree motion. Inifnitely easier on stick as you're simply rolling, following the gate, and it's super fast and fluid. On pad? Much slower, and you're much more likely to accidentally skip an input and flub it.

Stick is definitely much easier for many of the game's movements, and for me personally anyway, the only way I can perform perfect 13f EWGFs for punishment or d/f+2 CH launches, and as I said HCF inputs and BDC/WD are much easier in general compared to the effort I have to put into pad as well.

And as you said, the face buttons themselves are basically foolproof in terms of any 2, 3, or 4-button input. People have difficulty with some of King's throw chains on pad, and usually resort to shoulder buttons and buffers, when it's simple memorization and easy execution on stick. And you never have to worry about playing claw, or playing thumbs but switching to claw only when you specifically need to like you would on pad.

After a while stick just becomes second nature. But yes, obviously, there's a curve to learning both sides. But you can easily argue it's superior, just like Mouse/Keyboard. And as others have stated, obviously most fighting games are designed entirely around arcade stick/button layout. Not that people can't get good on pad, but stick is definitely where it's at.
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User Info: 1nternationa7

10 months ago#34
I got some trouble pulling off the qcf motion on the Xbone controller. Think the elite might fix that.
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User Info: icecutter17

10 months ago#35
hey guys

I wrote this https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/691088-xbox-one/76273688

which some of you may find interesting :D
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User Info: Atlmalichi

10 months ago#36
This debate is meaningless if you cannot defeat LowTierGod
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