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  3. Who or what is a KASG?

User Info: Mister_Fresh

4 years ago#1
And why is it ruining Tekken according to this board?
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User Info: ArmorWolfHeart

4 years ago#2
A KASG is a "Kawaii Anime School Girl," and the characters included in this group are generally Xiaoyu/Miharu, Alisa, Lili, Asuka, and soon to be Lucky Chloe.
People believe they're ruining Tekken because as a group they have greater or equal members and priority (since there are 4-6 Mishimas and the poster girl of Tekken is Lili rather than the former one, Nina). They also believe KASGs have little to no character value, are making Tekken as a whole more joke-like, which contrasts from the darker and more serious feel of earlier games and are fanservice only, attested to by the lack of real martial arts among them.
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User Info: Sunny_GG

4 years ago#3
I'm not sure. Maybe because people think that only 5 girls outnumber 30+ other characters? Or they're quote on quote, "stealing the spotlight"..
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User Info: ParaMorrigan

4 years ago#4
KASG is an overused meme on this board, an acronym meaning Kawaii Anime School Girl(s)

These KASG are the following:
Asuka, Lili, Alisa, Xiao, Miharu, and S***ty Nyan Cat. Leo is also considered a KASG by some.

The term was created (or first used on the Tekken boards) by the user VioletSystem/KalawHill, who is one of the 2 well known KASGiologists KASG haters on this board.

According to him (and half of the people on this board), the KASG are ruining Tekken because there is an overabundance of them, they are stealing the spotlight of other Tekken Characters or turning them into jokes, and that they are turning Tekken from Dark, Serious, and Badass to a joke and *clears throat* *in broken Engrish voice* A SUPA KAWAII ANIME ADUBENTAAAAAAAAA!

User Info: Mister_Fresh

4 years ago#5
Well, thanks for clearing that up guys. I certainly don't like how Nina is now no longer the poster girl of Tekken(she even had own game back in the PS2 days). Lucky Chloe as a whole is subjective anyway. Certainly would prefer Zafina to return then LC to take her place.
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User Info: RetroGamer9

4 years ago#6
Can't wait for VioletSystems post
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User Info: FullAutoCVT

4 years ago#7
I have a question!

Why do so many people ship Zafina and Dragunov? Curious.

User Info: Twerkmaster

4 years ago#8
They are a minority of characters that are considered it so long as they are a teenage female character, yes even freaking Leo is considered.

They are said to be making the game a joke by these sorts of people despite the fact that the game has animals, wacky characters like Dr.B and Bob, and once serious but not not so much serious characters like Paul and Marshall Law are in that area too. Plus they are so many of them making Tekken seem like a fanservice game and making it seem less badass despite the fact the King of Fighters has way more of them in just one game let alone in the entire series not to mention Street Fighter has just as many.

Also if you play them you are an automatically an otaku virgin nerd for some reason, because loving manly alpha male characters also means you are way better and more high and mighty then someone else with a different preference.

The term was started because of VioletSystems/Kawalhill/Poonaji/ect and ever since the term started growing here some people followed her and deluded themselves to feel as if they are taking over the series just because they are popular and are liked.

User Info: Deji1986

4 years ago#9
Let me make this clear. I have spoken up against them vocally on this board several times. However I also stated that their haters don't have a problem with them necessarily being in Tekken. they have their place in Tekken as long as they exist in doses and don't have designs which clash with the established cast. As Armor put it, It is their ever increasing number (every Tekken game since 3 has had one pop up) leading to an excess of them, their being prioritized along with the Mishimas over everyone else ( Just watch Tekken Vengeance) and the fact that many of them have B.S fighting styles that look stupid and make a mockery of them. In addition to that, another thing that has caused them to be hated more is the sheer denial by some members of this board to admit that they have taken over with tired, clichés arguments that they are only in the minority and they are popular so that makes this direction O.K.

User Info: Twerkmaster

4 years ago#10
1 movie of them having the spotlight = so burdening despite many Tekken movies involving Mishimas omg

1-2 non existing fighting styles from them (even though they are many other characters with their own sorts of non existing styles) = BS and a bigger burden

5/20 characters being them in a game getting a bigger cast = another burden for certian players
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