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User Info: nemiroff151

1 year ago#1
maybe not ever ever.... but it was definitely fun for wayyy longer than I thought it would be. Still my first choice game.

User Info: TheSpoonman5

1 year ago#2
Glad you like it. This game has suffered from some unfortunate events that has left it with a very niche but dedicated playerbase. I think it deserves better, but there's not much to be done about it.
Hope to see you in game.
I am... The Spoonman!

User Info: TheHefHugs

1 year ago#3
Most underrated game of all time for sure.
Awesome job! "How do berserkers live missiles?"- Ferocious Panderp

User Info: kingoffrost4

1 year ago#4
Bought the game day one and will never regret any of the hours i put into it. Amazing game.
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User Info: LordofDarknnes

1 year ago#5
Yes the game is very good but it came out only a month before Overwatch it was a good idea on a bad moment
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