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User Info: random_man9119

1 year ago#1
Well? - Results (54 votes)
24.07% (13 votes)
16.67% (9 votes)
25.93% (14 votes)
14.81% (8 votes)
18.52% (10 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Whether you like the way their members play, their lore, their designs, etc... what is your favorite faction?

Mine is Rogues...

Orendi is my favorite character to play as...

I love Reyna's play style and lore...

Whiskey Foxtrot is cool...

I haven't played as Shayne & Aurox or Toby yet...
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User Info: gatooo

1 year ago#2
I'm hesitating between LLC and Eldrids...

User Info: FrozenFaust

1 year ago#3

User Info: DravynLeCrux

1 year ago#4
I had trouble deciding between Eldrid and UPR for a bit, if only because I love Thorn and Galilea equally. What cinched Eldrid was my curiosity for the new, healer type Battleborn coming soon who happens to be an Eldrid.

User Info: terankatoba

1 year ago#5
I'm having a lot more fun playing as Kelvin than I expected to.
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User Info: RedXIII202

1 year ago#6
This guy are sick.

User Info: Ashburn

1 year ago#7
I'm torn, I love the personalities and lore for the Eldrid and the Rogues, but my new favorite character is Caldarius...
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User Info: Flownaway86

1 year ago#8
Eldrid for me, though I really dislike Kevin's design, he is awful. Main Thorn, and like the others as well.
Alani seems so cool, I can't wait to play as her. Really dig her design.

Rogues would be next, then Jennerit. Don't really care for the other two.

User Info: ZeroOption

1 year ago#9
LLC / Jennerit are tied for me. Casted my vote on LLC simply because Marquis is my go-to for pvp.

User Info: gotohades

1 year ago#10
The Rogues have my vote simply because of Toby. I love penguins. Probably more than an average person does. I'm 26 years old and my bathroom is centered around penguins. I'm also single... @_@
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