Whats the best way to use Thorn ?

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User Info: nightcola

2 years ago#1
So far shes the only character I'm not sure how to use best. I know shes a sniper but the other players kill mobs easy enough which makes me wonder which I should do more, if I should be spam firing or charging her arrows for curse effect strong sniping shots. I know she has an ability to stand on which curses her arrows without charging. So looking for some advice here please.

One question also is one of her Helix sais Volley penetrates enemies and another of her Helix choices is arrows penetrate enemies...Volley is arrows but does this mean that Volley is different to normal arrows because its a skill ? or does the arrow penetration helix make one make volley penetration redundant.

User Info: AlphusUltimus

2 years ago#2
Her cooldowns are beast. I liked being around mid range depending on how many support characters are there.
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User Info: 13laster

2 years ago#3
Yea to your question. So her helix that says volley penetrates enemies, they only mean this particular skill. Any regular attacks won't penetrate. The other choice means all arrows, basic attack and skill. There's two other skills, her ultimate and her field. Her field slows down enemies I believe, great for the bigger bosses, so try to gain some points in this, then her ultimate, which is essentially a crowd clearer but need to use it correctly.

Definitely pick up the health regen on volley damage, and volley to knock out the tiny minions. that's a great easy combo.

User Info: nightcola

2 years ago#4
Do you find generally you charge her arrows with most attacks ? It seems she works this way and would fit a more slow shot hard hitting sniper but I'm not sure how to measure the difference in DPS with this and her normal faster arrows.

User Info: Ana_Nuann

2 years ago#5
Curse charge is good for an initial strike as it debuffs the enemy to take more damage.

Followups are better uncharged.

You lose dps if you charge every shot essentially

User Info: nightcola

2 years ago#6
Doesn't the charge shots only buff your other charge shots or shots that count as '' cursed '' at least ?

User Info: narfa

2 years ago#7
She is a beast at AoE damage and debuffing. Her Blight can kill waves of enemies on its own. You can spec Volley to inflict curse and do DOT and tag multiple enemy team members, then spam shots without having to charge your bow each time.

She also has pretty high burst damage once you get her special. Don't player her like a sniper like Marquis, she is more like a mage IMO.
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User Info: nightcola

2 years ago#8
Her damage buff's from cursed targets only work with charged arrows and her skills.

User Info: DravynLeCrux

2 years ago#9
If you still need any further aid regarding Thorn, a Character Discussion was posted bout her. You can find it herehttp://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/814488-battleborn/73713118

User Info: nightcola

2 years ago#10
No I moved onto other characters since which i have many questions... latest is El dragon....his stacks for his ability don't seem to show anywhere.... regarding Thorn after i used her a bit more I Ironically found her to be more effective as a non sniper. Thanks tho :)
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  3. Whats the best way to use Thorn ?

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