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  3. Make 250 million credits in 1 minute

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
5 years ago#1

1. First you need 243000 credits.
2. Go to Temporary Base in Zero Dimension and increase Public Relations (the third bar) to lv10. You need to avoid having Bad Ending as well.
3. As a reward you get Delphi processor units (equippable by CPU candidates), which you can sell for 50 MILLION credits. EACH.
4. Net result is 250000000 credits.
5. On NG+ relations bars for each town reset so you can get Delphi processors again if you intend to have a completionist set.

User Info: Dark Element

Dark Element
5 years ago#2
Nice way to make credits quick. On a different note there is also a extremely fast way to level once you have access to the Shinjigen Dimension.

1. Send scouts out to locate all the hidden dungeons.
2. On the lower left of the map a 5 floor dungeon with a preview of a pitch black corridor should appear. (The map will be blocked from viewing inside the dungeon)
3. Send a scout there with "Monster Change".
4. Make your way to the 4th floor and find a giant silver dogoo. Killing the dogoo will award 10mil+ EXP. Be sure to land a symbol attack on it as it has a very high change of escaping if it gets first turn. Luckily one combo or special attack is usually enough to kill it.
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  3. Make 250 million credits in 1 minute
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